It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What Are You Playing?

With all of the coronavirus stuff going on, it’s safe to say this weekend will be spent self-isolated and playing lots of Ye Olde Video Games. Well, not old video games.

I just finished up Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout for the Nintendo Switch and had a blast with it. It was my first time playing an Atelier game too, so it was a nice introduction into that style of crafting-heavy RPG. I thought the story was super weak in the first half of the game (childhood friends bored of their ordinary life go on an adventure) but the finale was sweet and has me pumped for the eventual sequel.


I liked all of the different characters, thought the music was great, loved the art style, and was absolutely smitten by its turn-based combat system that was very similar to the Grandia series.

Now that Atelier Ryza is finished, I jumped into The Alliance Alive HD Remaster on the PS4. I never got around to the 3DS release so this is all new to me. I’d say I’m a dozen hours in so far and the game has just opened up and given me access to all 9 core characters to play around with.

As the story goes, one thousand years before The Alliance Alive begins there was a big ol war between humans and daemons that saw the latter taking control of the world and splitting it into various parts with a purple mist called Dark Current. You jump between a few different groups of characters and experience the goings-on within their neck of the woods until their stories intertwine and they (as the game is so aptly named) band together for a common goal. It’s pretty exciting and adventurous, as far as the narrative goes.


The battle system is what’s sucking me in the most, though. It’s similar to Final Fantasy II and the Romancing SaGa games where there are no traditional level-ups. Instead, everyone can equip various weapon types and randomly unlock new skills for them by using them in battle. Winning these battles also has a chance to reward characters with permanent increases to their health and mana pools, so it never feels grindy… despite being super grindy. You’re constantly rewarded with these little boosts, which dulls the sting a bit.

So that’s my plan this weekend — lots and lots of The Alliance Alive HD Remaster. What about you, folks?

6 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What Are You Playing?

  1. I’m pumped you enjoyed your first Atelier game!

    Also, man, I loved Alliance Alive before so I’m excited to hear your thoughts on it as you go. Not sure if you know this or not, but the scenario writer was the creator of Suikoden, so it’s doubly close to my heart.

    This weekend is going to be a ton of Animal Crossing sprinkled with some Dragon’s Dogma and Splatterhouse 2. Note: Dragon’s Dogma is mostly because of memories from the first time I read your stuff and I was feeling a little nostalgia.

    Have an awesome weekend, buddy!

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    1. Oh man, that means a lot, so thank you! I loved Dragon’s Dogma and there weren’t a lot of helpful guides out there at the time, so I worked my ass off making my own lol. I’m glad they helped trigger that nostalgia!

      Alliance Alive seems to have had a bit of a small dream team working on it, with Suikoden’s scenario writer, Final Fantasy XIII’s composer, and a few other noteworthy folks. Aside from chapter 25’s mid-boss battle with Grossa beating my ass with his MASSIVE difficulty spike, I’ve really enjoyed myself. I just couldn’t beat him so I had to reload an earlier save and grind for a few hours/do optional stuff to regain my sanity/composure. So far, so good, though.

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!


  2. I’ve been going back to the early 2000s to play lately. As I”ve been playing Shenmue on the DreamCast, and Animal Crossing on the GameCube. I saw someone mentioned Splatterhouse 2 in the comments. Gosh, I’ve forgotten all about that series…

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