It’s (no longer) the Freakin’ Weekend! What Are You Playing?

I was feeling under the weather this weekend, which should explain this later-than-usual wrap-up. IBS sucks shit.

I’m roughly 25 hours into The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, somewhere in chapter 2 of 5. The pacing feels more like the first game, which is to say it’s quite slow going. I mean, it *is* introducing a whole new cast while giving you just a few moments to reunite with the old Class VII during certain missions. This isn’t a bad thing, of course. The first Cold Steel is incredible.

I don’t see me playing anything else for a bit since this is a meaty JRPG, but the upcoming Sakura Wars is next in line and I just dipped into the current Big in Japan sale on PSN to pick up Oninaki, Zanki Zero, and Crystar. As if my backlog wasn’t bad enough. Apparently, I have a weakness for Spike Chunsoft games.

With gaming out of the way, let’s segue into some online content that I enjoyed last week.

-My good buddy Matt over at started a little podcast discussing the lore behind each survivor in the Dead by Daylight universe, starting with Kate Denson. Give it a listen!

-Popular otaku YouTuber Akidearest visited a yaoi cafe in Japan and her reactions are absolutely priceless. She also has a series where she reviews weird Japanese gadgets, like fleshlights shaped like boba milk tea.

-To help raise money for charity, the wrestling YouTube channel PartsFUNknown has gathered other fellow pro graps-focused YouTubers and started streaming a game show called QUIZZLEMANIA. Its third episode had me in stitches, especially with trivia categories like “whose nips are these?” which is exactly what you think it is — identify a wrestler only by their nipples.

-Animator Matthew Shezmen has a hilarious 23-minute cartoon explaining Final Fantasy XV.

-The nicest castaway on Vita Island, Food4Dogs, has a new video up talking about the Vita console itself and the pricing of its unfortunately proprietary memory cards.

-And finally, Chase Kip animates the most hilarious explanation of Final Fantasy IX’s plot I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing.

What about you, folks? Do anything fun this weekend?

3 thoughts on “It’s (no longer) the Freakin’ Weekend! What Are You Playing?

  1. Hey buddy, hope the IBS settles down and everything else is well. Sorry I haven’t been in your thread for a bit but it’s been… weird… and busy with still working. Since I was on-call this weekend I decided to play through both of the Telltale Batman games. Made it through the first one already and the first episode of the second as well. These aren’t the best or the worst of the Telltale games but they’re easy to come back to if I get interrupted with work stuff. Stay well and safe my dude.

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  2. Pretty much worked my Saturday. At night got in a few UT2k4 matches on Stream. Sunday I’m sure I’ll fire up some more tonight. Just been captivated with ThatSrb2DUDE’s Splatoon 2 stream. I’ll have to get back to that game soon myself as Nintendo is surprising the world with a Splatfest rematch! Ketchup Vs. Mayo on 5/22. Great way for people to get a jump in the game because taking part earns seasnails which can be spent on perk slots for clothes or to reroll perk abilities. Yes. Splatoon has RPG elements.

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