It’s Friday, Boys! What’s Everybody Playing?

Surprising nobody, Trails of Cold Steel III is FUCKING MASSIVE and I’m still slowly chipping my way through it on PS4. I hit the 40-hour mark last night and I’m somewhere in Chapter 3, so if the game has 5 chapters then I guess I’m at the halfway point. It’s *very* good.

I also downloaded Dragalia Lost on my phone because apparently, I don’t have enough shit to play while I’m on the toilet. I literally just started playing it an hour ago, used all the newcomer and event summons, got a bunch of rares, then immediately became overwhelmed before turning it off. These gacha games are murder for my brain, but man, Draglia’s soundtrack is extraordinary!!


PlayStation has a massive Big in Japan sale going on right now, which already got me for Oninaki, Crystar, Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, and a few days later got me again for Tokyo Dark: Remembrance, The Last Remnant Remastered, and Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault (pictured above). Yikes.

I plan on selling my still new-in-box NES Classic to cover the $90-or-so I didn’t plan on spending, but I’m happy with my choices. There are quite a few visual novels on Vita I really wanted, but I just couldn’t talk myself into spending another $50. Oh well. They’ll go on sale again.

With Cold Steel III consuming every ounce of free time I have right now, it goes without saying that it’s put my review schedule in slow-mo. This is a game I received to review to help spread the word about the upcoming Switch version, and I love the series as it is, but when a game is nearly 100 hours then the rest of my review lineup just has to ride the bench for a while.


For those interested, I will be working on reviews for the newly released Sakura Wars, I still plan on reviewing Langrisser II’s remaster, and then it’s Visual Novel Mania 2020 with Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Re:After, The Fox Awaits Me, Nurse Love Syndrome, Nurse Love Addiction, and by that time I may get the chance to cover the upcoming Switch version of Collar X Malice. I’m honestly stoked to play and share my experience for all of these.

With so much focus on Cold Steel III, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and take note of my favorite content online this week. So here’s what I can remember off the top of my head.


Round 5 of QUIZZLEMANIA is up on PartsFUNknown’s YouTube channel and I think it’s their best episode yet.

The King of the NO RING Deathmatch, Casanova Valentine, has four new (incredibly rad) t-shirts and I want them all.

With the coronavirus fucking everything up, Pixel Elixir has the perfect NES Friday the 13th facemask and I immediately regret buying video games instead of this.

I also really want some new stickers, but my laptop is the only place I put them and it’s… rather full.


What about you, folks? Have any big plans this weekend?

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Boys! What’s Everybody Playing?

  1. Big plans? Ennnnh. Working on some writing (hopefully, at least an update that I’m not dead?) and playing through some of the smaller games I’ve been picking up. Just finished up the first Ys game and still working through Trails of Cold Steel the first, which has been a blast but is slow going for me for some reason.

    So I guess slowly selling myself to Falcom, bit of soul by bit.

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    1. That’s a good company to hand your soul over to, though! The first Trails of Cold Steel is a slow burn, but has a LOT of world and character building. CS2 is much faster paced.


  2. My plan is to play Gears Tactics and watch Star Wars films. I’m about 4-5 missions into Gears and I’m loving it. There a few nuances that are different from XCOM but not necessarily bad, just different. Unfortunately I do have to go into work for a few hours but I’ll be right back to Gears after that.

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