[MILESTONE] 100,000G on Xbox

I *finally* did it! I was an early adopter of the Xbox 360, but it took me forever to reach my personal goal of 100,000 gamerscore on the platform. This is chump change to Xbox lifers who rarely split their time between their consoles, but to me, it’s a huge deal.


I reached my goal tonight with a small indie platformer called Reed 2, which has a bevy of easy unlocks. Now that I’m in the post-100K club, I guess it’s time to aim for 200K. Maybe. Probably.

I go through phases where achievements stop being rewarding and start becoming time sinks that I’d rather not do. Burnout is always a thing that’ll happen. It’s unavoidable. Right now, though, with my primary focus being the Xbox family of consoles, the itch to reach 100K returned around the 55K mark.

Although subscribing to Xbox GamePass made this significantly easier, thanks to providing access to hundreds of additional games, I owe a lot of thanks to the hardworking folks working their asses off at True Achievements and Xbox Achievements, along with the YouTube channels of Maka and Achievement Land.

So, yeah. Thanks, Xbox for introducing this cursed (and personally rewarding) system, the people that helped boost multiplayer achievements over the years, and those in the paragraph above that made this journey a hell of a lot easier.

<3 Trash

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