[TRAILER] The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Gives Me A… Little… Hope. God Damnit.

I absolutely LOVED Until Dawn — it was the reason I bought a PS4 in the first place — so I was stoked to see the folks at Supermassive working on a multi-platform series of smaller, similar horror titles, beginning with last year’s Man of Medan.

I did not like it, though.

Man of Medan definitely had a similar look and feel to Until Dawn, but the overall story was pretty disappointing, the cast was largely forgettable, and the branching narrative paths were nowhere near as distinguished. Choices and consequences felt minimal, which isn’t great when your game is entirely based around those two things.

With their previous effort being mostly disappointing (to me, anyway — I know folks who enjoyed it), I’m crossing my fingers that their next entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology wows me a bit more.

Little Hope centers around a group of college students who get stranded in the mysterious titular town in the New England area, known for the Salem and Andover, Massachusettes witch trials. I visited Salem during my middle school years, which began my lifelong obsession with the occult and opened my eyes to yet another blemish in America’s history.

It follows the same formula as Until Dawn and Man of Medan, but Supermassive cited quite a few influences that had my eyes widen — namely the works of Clive Barker, horror films The Witch, The Blair Witch Project (my favorite of all time), The Omen, and one of my favorite video game series, Silent Hill.

After watching the trailer, what do you think? Did you enjoy Man of Medan?

Little Hope is definitely on my radar this summer, but I’m still not sure if it’s a “day one” kind of game, mainly due to how disappointed I was in Man of Medan. We’ll see.

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