It’s the Freakin Weekend! What Are You Playing?

I’m still on my JRPG hiatus after finishing up Cold Steel 3, which means I’m still playing through Far Cry 3 Classic on my Xbox One. I never finished it back on the 360, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it right now. It’s become the perfect game to just go full Zen mode, collect shit, climb shit, shoot shit, skin shit, craft shit, and dig into the weird-ass characters. I love it.


What I’m enjoying a little more than anticipated is Ninja Theory’s new hero brawler Bleeding Edge. It’s available on Xbox One and PC via GamePass and it’s been an absolute blast. Think Overwatch’s hero roster and objectives, but more melee-focused and team-oriented. Sure, Overwatch is also team-oriented, but in Bleeding Edge, if you’re not with your squad you are 100% going to die.


There are some super rad character designs, with my personal favorites being a telepathic dolphin piloting a mech, a robotic snake possessing a corpse, and a fire-breathing metal guitarist.

Bleeding Edge is still in its infancy, but I hope Ninja Theory continues to support the game because I truly believe there’s something special here that separates it from other “hero” style games. With the battle royale genre showing up and eating everyone’s launch, I think it’s an unfortunate time to release a new hero game, but my fingers are crossed. It’s rad and I really enjoy it.

What about you, folks? What gaming plans do you have this weekend?

11 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin Weekend! What Are You Playing?

  1. I think I disagree with that last line on Bleeding Edge. I’ve been 3 vs 1 plenty of times and managed to survive just fine in Bleeding Edge with that girl tank (forgot her name). She has life leech so she can be literally unkillable in the right hands.

    I’ll be playing Total War Three Kingdoms for the 6th time. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time.

    If I’m not on that I’ll probably be on Tokyo Mirage Sessions or Pokemon. I haven’t been able to game for more than an hour lately. I’m trying to get back into it.

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  2. I did end up renewing my WoW sub… so far I spent an hour standing around trying to remember everything, haha. I also played Act 1 of To the Moon for a blogger collab. Sad feelz…

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  3. I don’t even know what day it is anymore, but we’ll pretend it’s the weekend :p I’m trying to catch up on the babillion demos I downloaded on my Switch. I played the one for AI: Somnium, which I like and will pick up at some point. I’m hoping there’s a way to control the camera in Somnium because that was my biggest problem. I also played the demo for Coffee Talk which I really dig. The other demo I played I passed on. It was something called My Secret Pets where the MC’s boyfriend dumps her and her four pets turn into humans that want to date her. Yeah lol. I didn’t have an issue with the concept (whatever that makes me), but none of the guys were cute enough for me lol Oh dip, I forgot I also played the demo for Trails of Cold Steel III and I really liked it. The battle system is awesome though I need to get used to it. I’m just wondering if I should play the first two first (they’re not on the Switch) or just dive into III and read the story summaries for the first two.

    I’m really close to the end of FFVIII but I think because I watched Oliz finish it that I’m not interested in doing it myself. I pretty much am ready to go to “Disk 4” but I think I might call it. I still need to play through the original FFVII in my replay plan and write the review for that AND of course one for the Remake, which will hopefully happen this year.


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