It’s the Freakin Weekend! What Are You Playing?

My girlfriend and I managed to finish Maneater last night, which wasn’t as fun as we were hoping. The humor was genuinely funny and the locales were unique (bravo to that since the game is underwater), but we were both super frustrated by the controls and erratic camera that seriously got in the way of our fun. Not to mention the repetitive quests that have you killing the same thing over and over again.

The draw of the game is controlling a shark and wreaking havoc, but there aren’t very many customization options (in terms of gear) and what exists is rewarded so slowly that it really drove home how little variety there was within it.

We had fun when we were just exploring and collecting things, but there’s an annoyance in the early game when you don’t have any powers or upgrades and you’re constantly pestered by higher-level predators.

The zone you start off in is a swamp, which is 90% shallow water. If you get too close to the surface, the camera jumps above the water and you’re stuck in the “knifing” position (which offers increased speed and the ability to breach and attack floating things like boats and humans) until you press X. Whenever you attack something you lunge toward it so there’s always a good chance you’re going to chomp a fish and end up knifing again by accident. Aggressive enemies lunge at you as well, which just makes everything worse since there’s no manual lock-on feature and the auto-lock is super lazy and removes itself the moment something leaves the screen.

It’s just… more frustrating than enjoyable and that’s an absolute shame for a game that should have practically written itself. I was hoping it’d be more over-the-top, but aside from the three armor sets that you can unlock there’s really nothing else worth noting. It’s funny, it’s pretty, but actually playing it just isn’t fun.

I’m nearing the end of Far Cry 3 and I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend so I can start playing Dead By Daylight for my “A Week With…” project. We’ll see.

My girlfriend and I want to roll new characters in NeverWinter since the core of the game has changed quite a bit and some new modules have been added to the Xbox version that we haven’t experienced yet.

What about you, folks? Any big gaming plans this weekend?

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