[WEEKEND GAMING] Prehistoric Caveboys, PS5 Reveal, and Tip-toeing Around The Shadows!

Wait, why isn’t this called “It’s the Freakin Weekend” anymore? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s an R. Kelly quote from his song “Ignition” and the dude is a huge piece of shit. So here we are.

Most of my free time has been split between leveling a new Half-orc Barbarian in Neverwinter with the girlfriend’s Drow Rogue and taming wild beasts to kill cavemen in Far Cry Primal.


I finished up Far Cry 3 but I was still in the mood for more mundane activities, so I went with something similar enough, yet different. Primal still has the core Far Cry formula — capture outposts and bonfires to unlock fast travel, unfortunately de-flesh animals to make cool shit, and kill people with reckless abandon. Except now you can ride a mammoth and fight alongside a sabertooth tiger. It’s fun. The visuals are also jaw-dropping.

My girlfriend and I finished up Maneater and the next game on our list to play together was the open-world Lovecraftian detective game The Sinking City, but it didn’t really grab either of us within the first hour or so and we moved on to Neverwinter.

We’ve both played the free-to-play MMO extensively over the years, both on Xbox and PS4, but it’s been a while and most of the game seems to have been overhauled. Rather than jump into our higher level characters to see all the shiny new content, we just started from scratch. This is my 2nd favorite MMO behind World of Warcraft so I never really need an excuse to roll a new character.


Aside from these two games, I have two smaller titles to check out on the ol’ Xbox. One is a retro-inspired FPS called Project Warlock and the other is a first-person horror game called Those Who Remain. The former just released today and seems to be getting rave reviews, while the latter has been pretty lukewarm. Most horror games aren’t well-received, though.

Sony’s big PS5 reveal event was yesterday and I appear to be on the unpopular opinion side of everything.

As someone who was eagerly looking forward to Tango Gameworks’ (The Evil Within) new project Ghostwire: Tokyo, the gameplay itself was a huge turnoff and my hype level plummeted. I didn’t expect it to be a first-person brawler/spellcaster that kind of blends the original Xbox punch-a-thon Breakdown with the Dreamcast’s Maken X. Maybe with a little Superhot thrown in. I dunno, it just wasn’t my cup of tea and that makes me sad.


The only two games I have any interest in is, of course, the new Horizon: Forbidden West and Resident Evil VIII: Village. Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games from this console generation and while we all knew a sequel was inevitable, seeing proof is always nice. I also loved Resident Evil VII and knowing VIII is a direct sequel has me pumped. Plus, there seems to be some sort of connection to witchcraft, werewolves, and vampires, so this could be the gritty reboot of Twilight we’ve always wanted.

Everything else was kind of meh, though. Colorful, charming, but genres I just don’t care about. At least Sony showed actual gameplay, though, which is more than I can say for the console I’m actually interested in, but not a lot shown fell into my wheelhouse.

What about you, folks? Any big gaming plans this weekend?


5 thoughts on “[WEEKEND GAMING] Prehistoric Caveboys, PS5 Reveal, and Tip-toeing Around The Shadows!

  1. I hear you on the PS5 reveal. I think I was generally more excited about the games than you were but the ones that seemed to be confirmed for launch were mostly the colourful and charming ones. Can’t wait for the new Horizon.

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    1. Horizon, a new God of War, maybe a Bloodborne sequel. That’s when I’ll buy a PS5, for sure. I think between the laundry list of games on Game Pass and third party stuff I enjoy, like Elder Scrolls, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry on Xbox, plus the JRPGs and stuff on Switch, I’ll have plenty.

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  2. Holy shit, I never even equated that to R. Kelly, but yeah…he IS a huge piece of shit so good call. I should start my replay of FFVII. I’m done with FFVIII and I’ve been playing this puzzle game on my Kindle and trying to get through the tons of demos on my Switch.


      1. Weeeeellll I didn’t quite finish it lol. I’m like RIGHT at the end, but I just saw Olizandri finish it and I feel like I’m good. I have enough to write my review, though since I’m committed to going in order, I have to play and review FFVII (original) first lol.

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