[WEEKEND GAMING] A Hockey Classic, Low-Poly Racing, and Mystery Games!

Happy Friday, nerds! I hope you’ve been well and that you’re able to relax a bit this weekend with some video games. Boop your pets for me if you have them.

Here’s what’s on deck for me.

Art of Rally

I won’t go into much detail since this was the focus of my latest review, but the TL;DR version is that it’s a low-poly zoomed-out rally racer that’s a ton of fun and I’m slowly unlocking all of its achievements. Some are pretty time consuming, like finish 1000 races, but as long as I’m having fun I don’t mind.

Definitely one of my favorites this year.

NHL 94 Rewind

There were no games on the Sega Genesis that I played more than NHL 94 & 95. Having NHL 94 available on Xbox with modern teams and rosters is awesome as a hockey fan and it’s something I hope EA continues to do every year. However, outside of Game Pass (which includes EA Play as part of the package), NHL 94 Rewind was only available in a bundle with NHL 21 – not sold separately. I’m not the biggest fan of modern NHL games but I’d happily buy an updated form of NHL 94 for $5 or $10 on an annual basis.

It still makes me laugh that a team like the Detroit Redwings, who were great back in 94, are now absolute garbage with the modern stats and rosters. If I don’t know what to play, this is my go-to.

Mystery games?

Maybe mystery games isn’t the right term, but I just finished what I was currently putting my time into (I wanted to finish Ikenfell before it left Game Pass) and I’m not sure what to jump into next. Looking over the recent Game Pass offerings, I’m very much interested in checking out Sable, The Artful Escape, and Lost Words, but everything is just penciled in right now. I’m spoiled for choice.

What about you, folks? What’s on your agenda this weekend?

2 thoughts on “[WEEKEND GAMING] A Hockey Classic, Low-Poly Racing, and Mystery Games!

    1. I played through Dino Crisis earlier this year for he first time in probably a decade and it’s still so fucking good! Bayonetta 1 was one of my favorites back on 360. Are you playing the remaster?


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