PRESS X TO WEEKEND: Boosting Achievements, Still Touring Mexico, and Retro Juggling!

Is that the new title for the “Weekend Gaming” series? Say whaaaa? Yeah, I thought “Weekend Gaming” was a bit generic so I went with something that was… still… pretty generic, in retrospect. Fuck.


I kicked my weekend off playing some old Xbox 360 fighters online with a buddy so we could boost each other toward unlocking certain achievements. For those of you that aren’t familiar, “boosting” means playing a game online and letting one another beat the crap out of them for achievement purposes.

For example, I needed to complete 10 online ranked matches in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, but the game is old and dead at this point. I mean, it’s a 360 game. Despite my attempts, there was never anybody in the online lobby to match up against, but I knew someone that also owned the game and likes achievements as much as I do. So we basically hop on at the same time, jump into the ranked lobby, and match up with each other. We beat each other up for 10 matches and boom, both of us unlock the three achievements we needed.

With Virtua Fighter 5 being completed we moved on to Samurai Shodown II, which has similar ranked online match achievements. Unlike VF5FS, though, you’re actually required to win ranked matches, not just complete them. Thankfully, you can jump into matches and have one person quit out. This gives the other person a win in a fraction of the time.

There are four ranked match achievements, like winning 10 in a row and winning a specific number of matches in general, up to 100.

I’ve been on a retro fighter kick lately and unlocked all of the achievements for Fighting Vipers (which still rules, by the way) and Sonic the Fighters (which is criminally underrated). I love me some Sega Saturn fighters.

Seriously, how cool is this old arcade flyer for Fighting Vipers?

I’m still playing Forza Horizon 5 and it’s currently my Game of the Year. I’ve finished all the campaign stuff, have 47% of the achievements unlocked, and I’m currently hunting down the final road I need to drive (of which there are 577, I think?). It’s driving me crazy.

Taking some advice from a video I watched on YouTube, I unlocked the game’s fastest car by getting perfect ranks on a laundry list of story quests and then went on to smash the stunt jump and speed track stuff. The Jesko drives like a missile on wheels, I swear.

Outside of Forza Horizon 5, I’ve been playing some retro stuff through various Xbox collections and on my SNES mini. I wanted to hack my Genesis mini, but I’m waiting for now. I need to edit the lineup on my SNES mini since I didn’t notice how large the file sizes were for some of the ROMs with translation patches — namely Mother 3.

I’m going out of town for most of next week and wanted to get the SNES mini sorted out so I can take it with me. I’ve been wanting to play Wild Guns, UN Squadron, Space Megaforce, Front Mission Gun Hazard, and I’m always down for a quick run of Contra.

What about you? What are your gaming plans this weekend?

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