What’s in Store for Cheap Boss Attack in 2022? It’s Time for a Demake!

While I’ve mostly covered modern games here at Cheap Boss Attack, thanks to the support of some fantastic developers and publishers, lately I’ve been playing more and more retro stuff that kind of feels out of place to talk about in this space. That’s on me, though.

My brain is weird so publishing a “review” or whatever about Robocop vs. The Terminator for the Sega Genesis between brand new releases feels… wrong, I guess?

I always have the most fun when I’m chatting about things I’m currently enjoying and typically I do that on Twitter for retro stuff. If you follow me over there then you know how much I love the Sega family of consoles, the TurboGrafx 16, and the earlier Nintendo stuff, but if you only know me through Cheap Boss Attack that’s not likely apparent.

I’d like to change that in 2022.

This won’t become a retro-focused gaming blog — just a gaming blog. Literally, everything gaming that I’m currently into.

I’ve really wanted to cover retro Sega games from every home console since they’re my favorite. There are tons of YouTube channels that already do this, but my goal with Cheap Boss Attack was never to become “the place” for gaming: just A place for gaming.

I’d like to take on a daunting, stupid project of playing every game for a console and ranking them in some arbitrary list. I don’t know why that sounds appealing, but it does.

Anyway, just expect more casual chats about whatever I’m playing and not just a weekly backlog discussion and/or modern reviews.


3 thoughts on “What’s in Store for Cheap Boss Attack in 2022? It’s Time for a Demake!

  1. i am a big fan of doing whatever the f*ck you want, and while I understand in terms of engagement wanting to stay up and up on the latest new thing, I feel like there’s a lot more freedom in playing and writing about things you really enjoy. Otherwise it feels like work, and while if that’s what you want to do/focus on, cool, on the other hand, it’ll be easier to write and be excited about the games you actually want to play and that totally comes across in blogging! Plus retro games are in, and there will always be people who either haven’t heard of something or never played it so you’re still introducing “new” things to an audience.

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