I Found an Awesome Genesis Collection Today for $80!

I visited the local pawn shop on a whim today, which is rare since their game-related stuff usually sells for eBay prices. I’m glad I did, though, because HOLY SHIT!

They were selling off a model 2 (1631) Sega Genesis with an extra turbo controller, its original paperwork, and some games for $100. I offered $70, they countered with $80, and I was more than happy to accept.

Initially, I only spotted a short stack of loose games, but they included Sonic Classics Collection (the first three games on one cartridge) and Light Crusader. I only wanted to buy those two until the guy who runs the place told me I could have ALL of the Genesis games on the shelf because nobody was buying them. Now I was *very* interested.

Take a look at what I walked away with! It felt like robbery!

The model 2 console is one of the two best versions (the 1631)!
Everything came with its instruction booklet and some of them with their original cases. The others are in official Sega protective clamshells or outright loose, but everything is in great condition, clean, and working.
Here’s a closer look at the loose carts and their manuals.

To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. And to add a little more sizzle to the steak, the complete copy of Sonic the Hedgehog had a crispy Eternal Champions poster that I quickly picked up a cheap frame for so I could hang it in my office.

I just bought the exact same model and variant of Sega Genesis on eBay and it hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m not sure what to do with the 2nd one. I guess I’ll compare the two and sell one of them off since I’m still on the hunt for a working model 2 Sega CD and a 32X to complete the setup.

Anyway, short post today as I just wanted to share this with you folks since I thought it was a pretty neat find.

10 thoughts on “I Found an Awesome Genesis Collection Today for $80!

    1. It’s surprisingly clean! I mean, I guess not “surprisingly” given that the previous owner still had all the paperwork, kept a bunch of the original boxes and all of the instruction manuals lol. But yeah, for finding a Genesis in a pawnshop of all places and it being in this condition? It’s a unicorn.

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