[PS4 BACKLOG] Arc of Alchemist

Arc of Alchemist is a JRPG published by Idea Factory -- the folks behind some of my favorite niche games in the genre, like Death end re;Quest and Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force -- that's unfortunately more interesting on paper than in practice. Like many Idea Factory RPGs before it, the opening hours are … Continue reading [PS4 BACKLOG] Arc of Alchemist

Organizing the RPG Backlog of Terror

Backlogs are intimidating, but what exacerbates the terror are those meaty RPGs that require weeks upon weeks of attention. I've been skimming through my list of games, both digitally and the physical adventures atop my shelf, and narrowed down the RPGs I'd rather play sooner rather than later; the cream of the crop, if you … Continue reading Organizing the RPG Backlog of Terror

2018 Game Completions!

Just like last year, I'll be keeping track of my game completions throughout 2018 right here. This list will be updated as I roll credits on full games or their respective DLC. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis (PS4) - January 3rd RiME  (PS4) - January 5th Phantasy Star (Sega Master System) - January 11th Observer … Continue reading 2018 Game Completions!

2018 Backlog Update

Throughout 2018, my goal is to once again put a significant dent in my gaming backlog. Last year I managed to knock out 69 games, which, of course, included newer releases, but now I'd like to put even more emphasis on the games I've already paid for. I've organized my backlog by platform, but rather … Continue reading 2018 Backlog Update

A Mid-Year Backlog Update

As of this posting, I'm currently sitting at 28 games completed for 2017 -- far more than I anticipated. I started off the year committed to chipping away at my backlog, and outside of a handful of new releases and reviews, I've done just that. Go me. With June coming to a close, I wanted … Continue reading A Mid-Year Backlog Update

The Bounty Board: Tracking my 2017 Game Completions

The purpose of this post is to help keep track of my game completions throughout 2017, in a rarely seen optimistic attempt at slaying the never-ending backlog. To topple a giant, you either stab it in the eye or hack away at its ankles. I'm... not really sure where I was going with that, but hey, #inspirationalquotes and stuff. The bounty … Continue reading The Bounty Board: Tracking my 2017 Game Completions

Buried Under the Backlog: Wii U Edition

With the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, I've organized my Wii U's backlog in order to see how long it'd take to clear it all out for good. Not necessarily because I'm aching to shelve the thing, but it just so happens to be the smallest of my gaming libraries. Although the console is backwards compatible … Continue reading Buried Under the Backlog: Wii U Edition