One Tamriel is the Improvement Elder Scrolls Online Needed, But it’s Still Missing Something

When my friends and I jumped in to Elder Scrolls Online at launch, there was a unanimous sense of disappointment in the air. As we created our characters and ended up questing on opposite sides of the world, we realized something: for being an MMO, they certainly made it difficult to play with other people.

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Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?


I know I’m a bit late this week, but between a sick cat, college, and other things I won’t get in to, it’s safe to say I’ve been a bit busy. So without further ado, what are you up to this weekend?

I’ve been chipping away at Muramasa Rebirth on Vita, which is pretty fantastic. The updated controls from the Wii version feel really nice on the handheld, and the 2D hack n’ slash action looks insanely good to boot. It’s a nice game to just pick up and play when I have a small chunk of free time, usually stopping at every save point.

I’ve mainly been sticking with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, though. My Dragoon is up to 41, which is about as high as I’ve ever been in the MMORPG. My old Summoner on Sargatanas was 42, but we’re at about the same spot in the main quest chain, so everything from this point forward will be uncharted territory. So yeah, definitely excited about that bit.

I was leveling Ninja for a bit, and while I really enjoyed Rogue (which is the main pre-requisite class), their mudra mechanic wasn’t doing much for me. Combining different hand gestures to fire off a variety of spells and abilities, like giant throwing stars and AoE damage, was cool, I just felt like I was running out of buttons since I use a PS4 controller. I know I’ll go back and finish it off, so it’s not as if I hated it. Just a little too overwhelming for a new player, perhaps?

I went and saw Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice last night. The reception across social media has been lukewarm (to put it lightly), but as someone who enjoyed Man of Steel I actually liked the film a lot. It had its problems, sure, but as a DC fan there were plenty of cool moments that have me excited for the upcoming Justice League flick. That first hour had some weird pacing issues, but the more I let it marinate, the more I want to go back and see it for a second time to pick up on things I missed.

If you saw it, I’d love to hear your *spoiler free* thoughts down in the comments.

Otherwise, what are you folks playing?

*header image credit: KahoOkashii via DeviantArt.