If you’re a PR rep or a smaller developer that wants to get in touch with me about potentially covering your game, it’s worth noting that I do not cover anything in early access, on mobile devices, or on PC. I’m just a console guy, as the title header states on the main page. Sorry!

The most effective way to get in touch with me is through Twitter, either by @ me or just shooting me a DM after following. You can click the link there or just search for Trashlevania on there. I’m the one with the NES Jason Voorhees avatar!

I’m mostly an anti-social single-player gamer, favoring RPGs, visual novels, adventure games, and horror stuff over competitive FPS or sports games. However, I’m always interested in seeing what everyone else is playing.

Feel free to shoot me a friend request at…

PSN: DiscoDracula81
Nintendo Switch: 1725-5713-4021
Pokemon Go: 3058 2008 8982

Just let me know who you are =).