If you’re a PR rep, a developer, or publisher, and you’re looking to get in touch with me about reviewing your game, my e-mail address can be found in the image below. I typically handle console game reviews, especially smaller titles that may or may not go unnoticed by larger websites, but I’m open to anything.

I’m also available for paid freelance work, which uses the same e-mail address. My prices are negotiable and we can discuss this in more detail via e-mail.

I’m more active on Twitter than anything else, but if you’re sending an e-mail keep in mind that I live on the east coast and probably won’t respond until the following afternoon.

Also keep in mind that, while I do cover video games as a whole, I am not interested in covering or reviewing anything in early access, an alpha or beta, or anything only available on mobile devices. It’s been my experience that early access games change frequently, which out-dates my writing almost immediately.