It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let's talk! Although I'm still chipping away at The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (and mostly enjoying it) I've been breaking it up with other games in my backlog. One of my favorite games of 2015 was Dontnod's adventure series Life is Strange, where a young photography student and her BFF... Continue Reading →


Square Enix Improving Project Octopath Traveler Based on Demo Feedback is Great News

Square Enix's upcoming 2D/3D retro hybrid role-playing game Project Octopath Traveler (working title) received a playable demo on the Nintendo Switch last year, and it appears they're taking the 45,000+ pieces of feedback they received quite seriously. A developer vlog was published earlier today on the official Nintendo YouTube channel detailing the changes, which center on... Continue Reading →


>OBSERVER_ Developer: Bloober Team Publisher: Aspyr Media Reviewed on: PS4 Release date: August 15, 2017 Price: $29.99 USD Bite-sized Reviews differ from our more traditional, full-length reviews in that they’re restricted to smaller titles and, as the name implies, trims the fat in favor of getting straight to the point. What is this game and why... Continue Reading →

“What is Your Favorite Game for Every Year You’ve Been Alive?” Answered!

The Well-Red Mage occasionally poses questions to his readers and fellow bloggers, which I admire as a way of encouraging conversation within our community. His recent question spawned from a fun Twitter thing, where everyone was asked for their favorite game for every year they've been alive. For example, I was born in 1981 so... Continue Reading →

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