Here’s a direct link to my Reviews category, containing every review I’ve written at Cheap Boss Attack over the years.

I also spent roughly two years reviewing games over at the now-defunct website What’s Your Tag?, and those can be found right here. Other freelanced reviews can be found at The Well-Red Mage (now known as The-Pixels), Rapid Reviews UK, and the printed Nintendo Switch magazine Switch Player.

Here, have some commonly asked questions for seemingly no reason at all! *confetti*

Do I pay for games I review?

Sometimes. Over the years I’ve built a good relationship with various developers and publishers–from small indie teams to major publishers like Sega, Koei Tecmo, Atlus USA, Idea Factory, Aksys, and NIS America–and they’ve often given me their games for free as compensation for a fair, unbiased review. I pride myself on being honest, and I’ve never let my business or personal relationship with anyone get in the way of my opinions. Ever. Contrary to popular belief, developers are usually very accepting of constructive and fair criticisms. If I review a game that was given to me, I’ll be sure to mention it in a disclaimer at the end of the text.

Do I take requests?

Not really. I do, however, take recommendations. I prefer to review games I have a genuine interest in. Otherwise, the review feels more like a job — one that I already don’t get paid for. This is a labor of love! But I love talking shop about different games, so feel free to recommend something awesome to me on Twitter, or just strike up a conversation.

Do I make money from this?

Oh, do I wish. No. Absolutely not. It’s a labor of love, and I generally pay for my own games along with the Game Pass subscription service. So, in theory, I actually pay to run this website. I just happen to have a love for gaming and writing, so it all works out. Though I have always wanted to do this sort of thing professionally.

3 thoughts on “REVIEWS

    1. That’s actually a pretty cool broswer game that I could see me playing behind the desk at work in my downtime, haha. Not sure how the grading system works, since I got a dead aim shot with a B rank *shakes fist* lol. Fun stuff, thanks for sharing!


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