It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Having just been on the receiving end of a tooth extraction and a gnarly infection, the last 24 hours haven’t been very enjoyable. My digestive system isn’t getting along with the pain medicine I was prescribed, I’m finding it impossible to sleep in the required position (flat on my back), and since my girlfriend is currently sick, I’ve been sleeping in a different room to avoid catching it.

So yeah. Yay. Friday n’ stuff.

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Buried Under the Backlog: Trimming the Fat

Having too many games to play sounds like the best kind of problem, doesn’t it? “It never ends,” he says, swimming through piles of dusty game cases like Scrooge fucking McDuck.

Glancing over at my shelf, and knowing what’s on my console hard-drives, it’s a mix of games I purchased with an intent to play immediately and others I picked up during a sale. If the price is right, I usually don’t mind waiting for a rainy day.

However, it occurred to me during my recent attempt at stomaching the mondern day monstrosity known as Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, that giving up and moving on is just fine and dandy. I wish I would have considered this before wasting ten hours of my life, though. Continue reading

Xbox Games With Gold for October Confirmed


With more than a week to go in the month of September, the folks at Xbox are getting an early start by confirming the official Games With Gold lineup for October.

As always, Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One will receive four games, due to both Xbox 360 titles supporting backwards compatibility.

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