Let’s Get Prepped for Four in February!


Four in February is an annual gaming event that encourages people to focus on their backlog, rather than spend money on new games. The objective, as the name implies, is to pick four games from the ol’ backlog and complete them before the end of the month.

This is something I look forward to participating in every year, and knowing that many of you also suffer from atrocious backlogs I figured I’d share my list and encourage you all to do the same!

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CA! Radio Episode 117: Feeling Nostalgic – Switch News, Nostalgia, and the Labor of Love of Self-Running a Game Site

Yesterday I joined Chuck Zodl from Counterattack Games to discuss our current gaming plans, the latest Nintendo Switch news, new games that make us feel nostalgic, and the labor of love that comes with self-running a small video game site in 2017.

This podcast is something we’re trying to make a regular weekly thing, schedules permitting, so if there are questions you’d like us to answer on the next recording, leave it down in the comments and we’ll give you and your gaming outlet a shout out. They can be civil or bizarre, game related or not, it doesn’t matter. We’re not shy. Ask away!

If you do listen to the podcast, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. In the link below, there should be the option to share the podcast on social media, and if you like what we’re doing and want to show some support, consider spreading the love to your own friends and followers. We’d highly appreciate it.

Thanks for listening!


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