Let’s Talk About ‘VirtuaVerse’ – A Stunning Cyberpunk Point-and-Click Adventure

VirtuaVerse is more than a love letter to classic Sierra and LucasArts and, honestly, it's one of my favorite games I've played this year. Find out more!

Let’s Talk About ‘Eastshade’ – An Endearing, Imaginative, and Incredibly Janky Walking Sim

https://youtu.be/mYslaGEMs4o Back when she was alive, your mother's favorite memory was vacationing with your father in a far-off island called Eastshade. It's a wonderous place with breathtaking scenery and curious inhabitants that are all equally friendly and talkative bipedal animals. Your mother's dying wish was for you to visit Eastshade on your own, explore, and … Continue reading Let’s Talk About ‘Eastshade’ – An Endearing, Imaginative, and Incredibly Janky Walking Sim

[LATE TO THE PARTY] ‘The Council’ is a Wonderfully Janky Gothic Adventure

Back when episodic adventure games were all the rage, mostly thanks to the success of Telltale's offerings and darlings like Life is Strange, developer Big Bad Wolves released the choose-your-own-adventure gothic-as-hell detective game The Council. The first of five episodes released in March of 2018 and blew me away with its unique focus on RPG … Continue reading [LATE TO THE PARTY] ‘The Council’ is a Wonderfully Janky Gothic Adventure

[SWITCH REVIEW] Luna: The Shadow Dust (2020)

TL;DR VERSION: With its stunning storybook visuals, wonderful puzzle designs, adventurous themes, and an extraordinary, wordless narrative, this three-hour point-and-click proved to be one of 2020's best games and *might* be my personal Game of the Year. What is Luna: The Shadow Dust? A hand-drawn 2D point-and-click adventure game firmly rooted in puzzle solving, but … Continue reading [SWITCH REVIEW] Luna: The Shadow Dust (2020)


What an insanely beautiful looking adventure game that's completely drowned out by obtuse puzzles and an equally confusing story. What is Memoranda? A visually stunning point-and-click adventure game from the folks at Bit Byterz and Carbon Fire Studios, which follows the 25-year-old insomniac Mrs. Mizuki on her quest to remember her first name. Since separating … Continue reading [SWITCH REVIEW] Memoranda

[PS4 BACKLOG] Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

The overall lack of quality-of-life features hinder an otherwise gripping Japanese horror tale in one of 2020's finer adventure games on ps4. What is Tokyo Dark: Remembrance? Initially released in 2017 on PC as simply Tokyo Dark, this enhanced port is a point-and-click Japanese horror game that finds Detective Ito Ayami (pictured above) in search … Continue reading [PS4 BACKLOG] Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

Let’s Talk About ‘Afterparty’

During their college graduation party, two long-time friends Milo and Lola notice something is... off. They're dead. And after being swept away into the fiery depths of hell, they discover that the only way out is to out-party the devil himself. Awesome. Night School Studio struck gold in January of 2016 when they released their … Continue reading Let’s Talk About ‘Afterparty’

[REVIEW] Black Mirror

Back in 2003, Czech developer Future Games (which began with only five people) released a successful point-and-click horror game entitled The Black Mirror, which followed the cursed bloodline of the Scottish Gordon family. Fast-forward to 2017 (or, rewind, I guess, now that it's 2019), where the series was apparently relevant enough to receive a reboot … Continue reading [REVIEW] Black Mirror

[REVIEW] AI: The Somnium Files

When acclaimed character designer Yūsuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem: Awakening, Daemon X Machina, the No More Heroes series), composer Keisuke Ito (Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night), and beloved designer/writer Kotaro Uchikoshi (of Zero Escape series fame) get together, you expect magic to happen. And even with that expectation in mind, their latest project, AI: The Somnium Files, … Continue reading [REVIEW] AI: The Somnium Files