[REVIEW] Worldend Syndrome (PS4)

In the small Japanese town of Mihate, a local legend claims that the dead may revive every 100 years as a Yomibito and bring deadly misfortune to those around them. As you arrive as part of a high school relocation, it just so happens to be that wonderful time of the year. Sucks to be … Continue reading [REVIEW] Worldend Syndrome (PS4)

[REVIEW] Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV Developer: Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) Publisher: Arc System Works Available on: PS4 (reviewed), PC Release date: January 30, 2017 Price: $6.99 Growing up in the NES generation, I played my fair share of Double Dragon. Whether alone or with friends, it was a series of games that I gravitated towards whenever I … Continue reading [REVIEW] Double Dragon IV