Happy Early Birthday to Me, Courtesy of TheDeviot!

While my birthday isn’t until the 20th, fellow WordPress blogger and all-around swell guy @TheDeviot from CommaEightCommaOne sent me an early gift. He’s been after me to play Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for what feels like two years, and now I don’t have an excuse.

The Dragon’s Milk is an 11% alcohol by volume chocolate stout with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and chilies. I’m quite excited to crack both open on the 20th in celebration of my “old as fuck” 36th birthday.

Thanks again, dude. This means a lot!


Greetings from Pleasure Beach! Or, How are you spending your Saturday night?

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii, that’s how.

*Niad goes to pet and brush our cow, Lulubell*
Niad: “Oh crap, I forgot the brush!”
Me: “It’s okay, just pet her with the scythe. We’re having steak tonight!”

Me: “It’s only noon and we’re tired already! What do we do now?”
Niad: “We could eat a bunch of mushrooms and go work in the mine!”
Me: “If only someone didn’t know we were talking about Harvest Moon.”

Me: “Whose fucking birthday is it today?”
Niad: “Hamiltons. We’ll run in like Happy birthday.. bitch.”
Me: “KOBE!”

I also tried to convince her that the tiny stretch of beach outside of Harmonica Town was known as “Pleasure Beach”. She isn’t buying it.