Happy Early Birthday to Me, Courtesy of TheDeviot!

While my birthday isn't until the 20th, fellow WordPress blogger and all-around swell guy @TheDeviot from CommaEightCommaOne sent me an early gift. He's been after me to play Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for what feels like two years, and now I don't have an excuse. The Dragon's Milk is an 11% alcohol by volume chocolate … Continue reading Happy Early Birthday to Me, Courtesy of TheDeviot!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Nintendo 64!

Nintendo's final cartridge-based home console turns the big two-zero today, and my feelings about it are bittersweet. My first experience with the console was at a friend's house, whose mother used to be my babysitter back in elementary school. The only game he owned as Pilotwings 64, which I tried a few times and thought … Continue reading Happy 20th Anniversary, Nintendo 64!