What’s Good, WordPress Games Blogging Fam?

Last night I was playing catch-up with my WordPress feed and found a handful of articles I wanted to share with the rest of you. The WordPress gaming community has been incredibly rad and I’m proud to be a part of such a welcoming, altruistic group of individuals who share this common interest of ours.

Chatting with fellow WordPress games bloggers via Twitter or our open-community Discord channel (shout out to Support Class!) has helped overcome writer’s block, kept the creative juices flowing, and, quite simply, provided hours of equally meaningful and absurd conversation.

Hopefully, you not only find the content hidden behind these links enjoyable but maybe you’ll find a few new blogs to follow in the process!

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A winner is YOU! Well, it’s actually me. Sorry.

I’m more of a King Slender person, myself, but Star Man is better than Giant Panther.

Cross-Up, my fellow blogger with a better haircut, tossed me a “Liebster” award because I have the best abs on the internet. My words, not his. But being a genuinely unlucky person who rarely wins anything, I’m holding this in high regard just so I can go in to a long-winded speech and wear a shiny dress. Er, suit. Yeah, that one. Maybe I’ll just pull a Raiden and run around naked with pixels covering my bum, I have yet to decide. OH! Or maybe I can eat people and poop them out as eggs like Yoshi!

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