CA! Radio Episode 126: Injustice of Predicting

This week, Chuck and I give our thoughts on the newly released DC fighter Injustice 2, Omar fills us in on the joys of PC exclusive Stellaris, and we take turns giving our E3 2017 predictions for each of the three major consoles.

Episode 126 is, in my opinion, our best work with the new hosting line-up. We’re working things out behind the scenes to narrow the length down to around two hours, while still fitting in meaningful conversations concerning our current gaming experiences and newsworthy talking points. Most of this is Chuck’s doing, as he records and edits in his spare time, and we couldn’t do it without him.

As always, thanks for listening and sharing (to those of you that do)!

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CA! Radio Episode 122: Wrestling with PR

This week’s episode of the CA! Radio podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

Chuck Zodl and I discuss Wrestlemania 33 for some reason, update our feelings on Breath of the Wild and Persona 5, dig in to a few Nindies like Has-Been Heroes and Blaster Master Zero, and fail to understand the reasoning behind Atlus’s latest Persona 5 content sharing SNAFU.

Oh, and the Nintendo Switch is apparently warping for some folks, so there’s that.

CA! Radio Episode 122: Wrestling with PR (04/09/2017) ♪This week the CA! duo talk Wrestlemania before tackling some Atlus drama and then grappling with even more Nintendo Switch issues.♪ Download & iTunes

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CA! Radio Episode 121: Nintendo: The Hero of Time (04/01/2017)

After a (more than) brief hiatus, CA! Radio is back this week. Chuck and I discuss our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as new owners, the pros and cons of Smite, Overwatch, and Paladins, Chuck goes in-depth on Horizon: Zero Dawn, and we disagree (as usual) on what makes NieR: Automata so, so good.

CA! Radio Episode 121: Nintendo: The Hero of Time (04/01/2017) ♪Hey listen! This week Brad and Chuck discuss Nintendo’s newest console portable hybrid. From the good to the bad and the unbelievable.♪ Download & iTunes

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CA! Radio Episode 119: A New Path…

This week Chuck Zodl and I discuss the beauty of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and their respective DLCs. He goes in-depth with his thoughts on the current For Honor open beta, Yakuza 0, and Resident Evil VII, while I ponder my revisiting of Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter. On top of that, we chat about this week’s gaming news and discuss our favorite games that have crossed over from other media.

As always, if you have ANY questions for us, leave them here in the comments or over on Twitter. We’d be happy to answer them during the next recording.


CA! Radio Episode 119: A New Path… (02/10/2017) ♪This week Chuck turns his heart to stone and throws down the gauntlet while Brad travels familiar roads to discover something new.♪ Download & iTunes

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CA! Radio Episode 118: Welcome to the Family

On this week’s CA! Radio, Chuck Zodl and I discuss our opinion thus far on Resident Evil VII (recorded before I completed it), what we’ve been playing lately, our love of Image comics, current Switch/PS4/Xbox news, La La Land, and Split.

CA! Radio episode #118 is available for download via Hipcast and on iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

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CA! Radio Ep 118: Welcome to the Family (01/28/2017)
♪This week Brad explores a house from Hell while Chuck investigates a man divided. They close out with a giveaway and questions.♪ Download & iTunes

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Pre-E3 Podcast with Counter Attack Games!

E3 is right around the corner, and rather than do my usual predictions write-up, I joined the folks at Counter Attack Games for their pre-show podcast.

It’s a long one, clocking in around 3 hours, but we talk all things E3, presentations, predictions, Chuck’s love/hate relationship with zombie games, and my overall questionable taste in video games as a whole.

Check out the podcast right here!