CA! Radio Ep 131: Canada Sports!

This week’s episode of CA! Radio is now live for your listening pleasure! It’s Omar’s turn to choose the weekly topic, and he chose something that’s completely foreign to me — football.

Since I’m all about “equality and shit,” and I love my Canadian followers/friends, I made sure that he included the CFL as well in our NFL playoff predictions.

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CA! Radio Episode 128: Overlooked Wonder

This week we have an interesting episode for your listening pleasure, as we suffered a bit of a malfunction that wasn’t discovered until after the recording process. And by “a bit,” I mean none of Chuck’s audio came through. Oops.

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CA! Radio Episode 127: Time for a Switch!

This week, Chuck, Omar, and I discuss Omar’s new Switch ownership (welcome to the club!) and his unfortunate purchase of Puyo Puyo Tetris, while I try my damnedest to sell him on Thumper. Chuck fills us in on Alien: Covenant, I ramble on about the Telltale games I’ve been catching up on, and Omar educates this console heathen on the PC-exclusive dungeon crawler, Starcrawlers.

I brought up next week’s talking point, in which we’ll discuss so-called “mediocre” and AA games we’ve enjoyed over the years. Essentially, games that we continued playing because of unique ideas or mechanics, despite them not being technical marvels or big-budget titles.

If you have anything that fits that description, feel free to sound off in the comments with a brief two or three sentence answer and we’ll do our best to read it during our next recording on Tuesday.

As always, thanks for listening!

CA! Radio Ep 127: Time for a Switch (06/01/2017) ♪This week the final member of the gang Switches to Nintendo’s new console and we dive into Starcrawlers, Thumper

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CA! Radio Episode 126: Injustice of Predicting

This week, Chuck and I give our thoughts on the newly released DC fighter Injustice 2, Omar fills us in on the joys of PC exclusive Stellaris, and we take turns giving our E3 2017 predictions for each of the three major consoles.

Episode 126 is, in my opinion, our best work with the new hosting line-up. We’re working things out behind the scenes to narrow the length down to around two hours, while still fitting in meaningful conversations concerning our current gaming experiences and newsworthy talking points. Most of this is Chuck’s doing, as he records and edits in his spare time, and we couldn’t do it without him.

As always, thanks for listening and sharing (to those of you that do)!

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CA! Radio Episode 123: A Wild Drakulus Appears!

This week we invited our friend and fellow WordPress blogger Omar Jackson from to discuss each of our 10 favorite games of the current console generation.

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CA! Radio Episode 122: Wrestling with PR

This week’s episode of the CA! Radio podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

Chuck Zodl and I discuss Wrestlemania 33 for some reason, update our feelings on Breath of the Wild and Persona 5, dig in to a few Nindies like Has-Been Heroes and Blaster Master Zero, and fail to understand the reasoning behind Atlus’s latest Persona 5 content sharing SNAFU.

Oh, and the Nintendo Switch is apparently warping for some folks, so there’s that.

CA! Radio Episode 122: Wrestling with PR (04/09/2017) ♪This week the CA! duo talk Wrestlemania before tackling some Atlus drama and then grappling with even more Nintendo Switch issues.♪ Download & iTunes

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