P.T.-Inspired Allison Road Officially Cancelled

UK-based developer Lilith Ltd confirmed via Twitter a few hours ago that their P.T.-inspired horror title Allison Road has been officially cancelled. https://twitter.com/AllisonRoad_HQ/status/739251685265117184 This announcement came as a surprise to many, since Lilith Ltd recently decided to ditch their Kickstarter campaign in favor of a publishing deal with Team17 back in October. Team17 isn't exactly … Continue reading P.T.-Inspired Allison Road Officially Cancelled

Silent Hill HD Collection patched for PS3, 360 patch cancelled.

According to the Silent Hill Facebook page, the latest patch for the HD Collection can now be downloaded from the Playstation Network but plans for a 360 release have been cancelled due to "technical issues and resources". The latest patch should fix the voice synching issues that plagued the release of the PS3 version, as … Continue reading Silent Hill HD Collection patched for PS3, 360 patch cancelled.

Prey 2 Cancelled?

I know this is 2-day old news, but I still wanted to bring it up. Why? Despite the original game being pretty bad, I was actually excited for the direction Prey 2 was heading. Someone actually had the balls to say "fuck multiplayer, we want to create a great single player game" (not in those … Continue reading Prey 2 Cancelled?