Destiny 2 Sure is Pretty

I finally figured out how to increase the resolution of my PS4 screenshots. Go me. Well, go Google.

My girlfriend and I began our Destiny 2 adventure earlier today and I took a few snaps of the game’s incredible scenery. Don’t worry about spoilers, though. These are all taken straight from the opening prologue-ish type mission. For added effect, there’s this great piece of music right here that plays during the more dramatic parts and it’s definitely worth listening to while checking out the screenshots.

There are a lot of PNG images below the cut, so fair warning. You can also click on any of the images and view a full-sized version if you want.

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CA! Radio E3 2017: Sony

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage continues with our recap and impressions of the surprisingly safe PlayStation conference, where we all found plenty to enjoy despite its lack of excitement. This became all the more jarring when we considered how action packed their announcements have been over the last two years.

Aside from the reveals of a full-on Shadow of the Colossus remake and the Monster Hunter series coming back to home consoles, everything shown was either expected, a bit too long-winded, or could certainly do with more narrative assistance on behalf of Sony.

Sadly, the most interesting reveals were reduced to the pre-show, like Yakuza KiwamiHidden Agenda and Undertale coming to PS4 and Vita. And while we all agree that Days Gone is nice to look at, we’re all struggling to find reasons to care.

I, myself, think it’s suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, atop two lackluster showings where the unexplained gameplay scenes treaded entirely too much familiar territory. I can’t shake the feeling I’ve played this game 100 times already and zombie fatigue set in many, many years ago.

But enough context. Let’s dig in!

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