CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts

CA! Radio's E3 coverage begins with our recap and impressions of the mostly predictable and safe EA conference. Each of the six major conferences will appear as individual episodes and follow a similar format. We put a LOT of time into making this happen -- more so for Chuck, as he had to record and... Continue Reading →


EA Play 2017 Wrap-up and Impressions

E3 2017 kicked off earlier today with EA's self-hosted presentation, EA Play. Here we caught a glimpse of the company's future as both a developer and publisher, from expected sports titles and Star Wars: Battlefront II, to smaller surprises like A Way Out. How'd it go? Let's find out. Madden 18 gets a story mode... Continue Reading →

This Week in Gaming – EA crosses a line, tons of Nintendo news and the Ouya displayed at E3.. via the parking lot?

This Week in Gaming is a weekly column every Sunday attempting to re-cap some of the biggest news in the gaming industry, or poking fun at a few things no one really cares about. Let's cut the bullshit and get started! First thing first, EA can suck a dick. Not just any dick, but a... Continue Reading →

This Week in Gaming – CoD Ghosts announced, no Madden for Wii-U, MGS Legacy Collection too big for 360 & more!

In what I'd like to become a weekly column here at Cheap Boss Attack, This Week in Gaming will cap out the weekend rounding up some of the bigger stories to hit the press and how much I probably don't care about them. So let's cut the bullshit and dive in head first, shall we?... Continue Reading →

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