It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let's talk! I've been feeling under the weather for most of the week, so I haven't done much in the way of gaming. I did put a few hours into Super Metroid and I'm on my way to the wrecked ship to tackle Phantoon, but that was over the course of one … Continue reading It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

[REVIEW] The Darkside Detective

The Darkside Detective Developer: Spooky Doorway Publisher: Spooky Doorway Available on: PC (reviewed), Nintendo Switch (TBA) Price: $12.99 (Switch price may vary) Release date: July 27, 2017 (PC) For fans of: Less taxing point-and-click adventures with an emphasis on pop culture references. The Darkside Detective runs amok with familiar pop culture references, from Twin Peaks … Continue reading [REVIEW] The Darkside Detective

[REVIEW] The Coma: Recut

The Coma: Recut Developer: Devespresso Games Publisher: Digerati Distribution Available on: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Steam, GOG Price: $14.99 USD For fans of: Claire: Extended Cut, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School The Coma: Recut is a "definitive edition" re-release of the original game, The Coma: Cutting Class, from 2015, as well as the Korean … Continue reading [REVIEW] The Coma: Recut

REVIEW: Gone Home

If you're an adult and you've ever lived on your own before, you probably know that feeling you get when you come back to visit your family and see that life has moved along without you. Your siblings have grown up, your parents' relationship may be different, or maybe things just aren't how you remember them. I moved … Continue reading REVIEW: Gone Home