[REVIEW] A Rose in the Twilight

A Rose in the Twilight Developer: Nippon Ichi Software Publisher: NIS America Available on: Vita (reviewed), PC Price: $19.99 A Rose in the Twilight is a dejected and atmospheric fairy tale surrounding the unlikely pairing of a cursed girl and her stone giant companion, as they attempt to flee the castle in which she's held captive. Its... Continue Reading →


My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch as a New Owner

I've had my Nintendo Switch for a little over a week now, and I've spent nearly every ounce of my free time putting it through its paces. I've played single-player games offline and spent a few hours online splatting the world with ink during the Splatoon 2 testfire event. I've used my Switch docked in TV... Continue Reading →

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

In the immortal words of one John Goblikon, "thank goblin it's Friday!" I'm currently buried under a never-ending supply of homework, but hopefully I'll come up for air long enough to dig in to something over the weekend. Lately I've been playing the new-ish 2D horror game Claire: Extended Cut on PS4 and Vita. I received... Continue Reading →

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