REVIEW: Her Story

As a lifelong console gamer, I completely missed the FMV gaming boom on PC in the late 80's and early 90's. Even now that I infrequently dabble on Steam, it's just not something I've had the desire to revisit. After gaining a lot of notoriety at The Game Awards however, I felt compelled to pick up … Continue reading REVIEW: Her Story

Cheap Boss Attack’s 2013 Game of the Year Awards!

Another year has almost passed us by, and what better way to celebrate than by throwing my "best of" list in the piles of posts and videos that you're probably sick of by now. Still, even if I'm late to the game, I still like to share my lists each year. In 2012, I was … Continue reading Cheap Boss Attack’s 2013 Game of the Year Awards!

REVIEW: Gone Home

If you're an adult and you've ever lived on your own before, you probably know that feeling you get when you come back to visit your family and see that life has moved along without you. Your siblings have grown up, your parents' relationship may be different, or maybe things just aren't how you remember them. I moved … Continue reading REVIEW: Gone Home