2018 Game Completions!

Just like last year, I’ll be keeping track of my game completions throughout 2018 right here. This list will be updated as I roll credits on full games or their respective DLC.

  1. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis (PS4) – January 3rd
  2. RiME  (PS4) – January 5th
  3. Phantasy Star (Sega Master System) – January 11th

Last year, I ended up with 69 games completed. I highly doubt I’ll see a number that high in 2018, but progress is progress!


The Impatient 30-Day Game Challenge

This fun little challenge started making its way around Twitter toward the end of last year, and while I managed to keep up for the first few days, the list escaped me shortly after. Basically, you start by answering question #1, and then continue along each day until you’ve answered all 30.


The 30-Day Video Game Challenge seems like a fun way to break the ice. I’m incredibly impatient though, so let’s go ahead and ignore that whole waiting thing.

Oh, and you’re supposed to just answer with an image, but I’ll go in-depth when… well, whenever I feel like it, I guess. Let’s roll!

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