[REVIEW] Nidhogg 2

The original Nidhogg escaped me entirely, so I went into Messhof Games' sequel on the Nintendo Switch with zero expectations. All I knew was that it was a one-on-one "fencing" game where the objective is to reach the opposing side of the screen. Nidhogg 2 is essentially more of that, I suppose, but forgoes the … Continue reading [REVIEW] Nidhogg 2


This review was initially posted back in 2010 on my old gaming blog, Kungaloosh. Since I’ve decided to close it down, I wanted to go back and pull off what few reviews I had up and re-post them here at Cheap Boss Attack so they weren’t lost forever in the abyss of the internet. Played … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW – RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION