Cave Story+ Gets Physical, Physical. Oh, and a Launch Date.

The fine folks at Nicalis are bringing the definitive edition of indie darling Cave Story to the Nintendo Switch on June 20th in both physical and digital formats. In a PR e-mail received earlier today, the official price is set at $29.99 for either version. So what makes this release "definitive?" Similar to The Binding... Continue Reading →


Friendly Reminder: Axiom Verge Finally Comes to PS Vita Tomorrow!

It's been over a year since Tom Happ's metroidvania Axiom Verge released on PS4, but it finally lands on the Playstation Vita tomorrow, April 19th (and 20th for EU). If you haven't yet picked it up (seriously, shame on you) there's a 10% launch week discount over on PSN, but if you already own the... Continue Reading →

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