PTR shows off new RAF mount, the Emerald Hippogryph.

WoWhead is also stating that the recent roundtable discussion mentioned the possibility of RAF offering a token, allowing you to choose your RAF mount from a selection of the previous offerings. Fantastic. Now I just need to open up 3 more accounts.

Late birthday present from a buddy of mine. Now *I* can mule *him* around with Vial of the Sands!

Big thanks to IRL internet friend and guildy Rollingbeard! Two mounts in two days? Plus I nabbed the new tier gloves for my DK from Niuzao and finally got the transmog robe I've been after in heroic Mana Tombs? Hellfire has frozen over.

Raven Lord mount acquired! *Mega Man music*

I wish I had some over-dramatic story about how I've farmed┬áthis mount for years, but I didn't really start going for it every day until last week. I actually started to lay down to go to bed after being extremely disappointed by Lords of Salem and pleasantly surprised by V/H/S 2, but thought "OH NOES! … Continue reading Raven Lord mount acquired! *Mega Man music*