Switch Player Wrap-Up (Week of May 8th)

Hey, folks! I just wanted to keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been working on throughout the last week over at SwitchPlayer.net. If you already follow my news antics over there, then I apologize for double-posting and thank you for your support! Or maybe I don’t. It’s a surprise, really.

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Switch Player Wrap-Up (Week of April 24th)

Hey, folks! Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been working on throughout the last week over at SwitchPlayer.net. If you already follow me over there, then I apologize for double-posting. Or maybe I don’t! It’s a surprise, really. Continue reading “Switch Player Wrap-Up (Week of April 24th)”

Yet another Warlords of Draenor post?


So yesterday kicked off Blizzcon and the new expansion was announced as Warlords of Draenor. Perhaps you’ve read 15 other posts about this already? If not, here is the nutshell versions, but first, the reveal trailer. Mmmmmmm.

  • No new race/class mentioned at this time.

This could mean that they’re still fine tuning things or deciding what to include, but perhaps we won’t actually see any new races or classes in WoD? I’m okay with this as I feel we have plenty of each already.

  • One free boost to 90 with the purchase of the expansion.

Buying Warlords of Draenor will allow you to boost one character to level 90 to enjoy the new content immediately. This should make it easier for new players and returning players alike.

  • Level cap increased to 100.

We haven’t seen a 10 level stretch since Wrath of the Lich King, but I found that the expansions offering longer level gaps made the journey to the top easier to swallow. 10 shorter levels seems a little easier to achieve than 5 agonizingly slow levels like we had in Mists of Pandaria.

  • BoA will finally be BoA in a “collection” tab, just like mounts and pets.

FINALLY! If anything, I have a reason to stop farming a 2nd set of BoA on my Horde server.

  • Updated character models.

Another FINALLY! So far Blizzard has only shown off male Orcs, male and female Dwarves and male and female Gnomes. All of them look fantastic and have full functioning facial features. That’s a shitload of F-words. If you go to the new Warlords or Draenor site, you can scroll to the bottom and check out a few of the new models in action.

  • Hit, Expertise, Dodge & Parry are boring stats and are being removed completely. New stats like Avoidance (absorb a % of AoE damage), Speed (movement speed), Cleave (causing damage to deal a % of damage to other targets) and Sturdiness (no durability loss) are being added.

I think that one was long enough and explains itself.

  • Players will be able to build and upgrade personal “garrisons”, using it as a hub to send out your townsfolk to farm resources, build yourself a mine to use like the Halfhill farm and even make some use out of professions you don’t have.

There is a lot more to the Garrison, but that’s a whole post in itself.

I’ll stop here as I feel these are the key selling points for me so far. Sure, revisiting Outlands as Draenor (before it was exploded in the lore) and getting to use Karabor (Black Temple before it became Black Temple) as the Alliance home base is a nerd-gasm in itself.

I’ve been patiently waiting for updated models and account-wide BoA heirlooms for years now, and as I’ve been in a caster DPS position for most of my raiding tenure, I’ve never had a good time gearing for hit.

It seems like this expansion has a great storyline to focus on and, according to Blizzard, will line up the next few expansions. When Mists of Pandaria was announced and they showed off Monks, the Pandaren and the largely Asian-influenced themes, I wasn’t all that interested. I did end up loving this expansion, but I am already immediately sold on Warlords of Draenor.

So, what’s your take? Are you excited? Anything you’re stoked or pissed off about?

To take a complete 180, here is a screen-shot of how my Warlock does the Thok encounter in Seige of Orgrimmar.


PTR shows off new RAF mount, the Emerald Hippogryph.

WoWhead is also stating that the recent roundtable discussion mentioned the possibility of RAF offering a token, allowing you to choose your RAF mount from a selection of the previous offerings. Fantastic. Now I just need to open up 3 more accounts.


EGM Daily title slightly misleading, Forza 5 requires FREE day-one DLC update.

The wording is correct, but misleading as most people associate DLC with something we have to pay for. In all actuality, the "day one DLC" is a free update required to play the game when you first boot it up. You know, like those day one patches most of our games have the day we buy them?

Still, it could mean one of two things.

The first being that it’s the devs being hit with time constraints and having more time to finish it off by requiring the rest of the game to be downloaded by the consumer, or the second being that the game is so massive it doesn’t fit on one disc. I’m betting on the former, but hoping for the latter, although a racing game being so big as to not fit on a blu ray disc would be a bit absurd to assume.

I removed my previous article stating that EGM was "full of shit for their ‘hit bait’ article" because I felt the way it was worded only drew in bad publicity, which is a personal opinion but ended up thinking it over and seeing that it is, in fact, technically day one DLC. Just free DLC.

It’s misleading by no fault of their own, but judging by the comments there it seems I was correct in assuming this was going to cause some sort of uproar.

Original source article: http://egmdaily.com/15lkCDQ

Sonic Lost World will not feature online multiplayer for Wii U, but will for 3DS version. Why is no one embracing online multiplayer for this console?

I’m a couch co-op guy, but I’ve had some great times playing games online with friends as well. Gaming is more fun when you’re around like-minded people, and I understand what Nintendo is going for here, but I don’t quite get why they (as in the developers) would opt to leave out a feature that so many people would enjoy.

With so much emphasis on wanting to draw consumers in to the Wii U realm, I have absolutely no idea why developers are failing to embrace this sort of online connectivity for the Wii U’s user base. Even Nintendo is guilty of this, as the new Super Mario 3D World won’t feature online co-op. This is a 4-player Mario game that is guaranteed to sell tons and tons of copies. Why wouldn’t the add an online component?

Sega has decided not to include an online multiplayer component to their upcoming Wii U and 3DS exclusive Sonic Lost World, but only for the Wii U version. The 3DS version will still support local wifi.

Now I love Nintendo and I’m enjoying my Wii U, but I really think Nintendo is still missing an opportunity by not focusing more on their online components. Nintendo has always done their own thing, but I think focusing on more ways to bring gamers together outside of the Miiverse would be a great start to boosting their sales, aside from having a larger library to choose from.

SOURCE: http://gengame.net/2013/06/sonic-lost-world-multiplayer-wont-feature-online-on-w ii-u-but-will-on-3ds/