[REVIEW] A Rose in the Twilight

A Rose in the Twilight Developer: Nippon Ichi Software Publisher: NIS America Available on: Vita (reviewed), PC Price: $19.99 A Rose in the Twilight is a dejected and atmospheric fairy tale surrounding the unlikely pairing of a cursed girl and her stone giant companion, as they attempt to flee the castle in which she's held captive. Its... Continue Reading →



Played on: PS3 exclusive. Played for: 20+ hours to finish up the game and defeat all 6 optional bosses, earning a Platinum Trophy. Chrono Trigger was the game for me that changed my focus from the Mario-esque platformers that I had grown accustomed to, to the story-driven focus of the RPG genre. Since then, I've... Continue Reading →

With Final Fantasy on the decline, should Square Enix change focus to another series or will another developer carry the JRPG torch?

Once touted as King of the JRPG, the name Square Enix doesn't carry as much clout as it used to. In terms of quality, the Final Fantasy series has been on the decline lately with XIII being a hand-holding linear affair and XIV being a complete failure in the MMO realm. Let's not forget the... Continue Reading →

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