This Week’s PSN Sale Recommendations

Another Tuesday, another batch of sales over on the PlayStation Store. This week offers discounts on 505 Games and EA published titles, along with various PS2-to-PS4 releases for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Let’s get down to the recommendations, shall we?

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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

As if 2016 couldn’t possibly get any worse, after having lost my father back in May, we just had to put our family’s 12-year old Rottweiler to sleep after a 5 month battle with a combination of cancer and a slipped disc. Rest in peace, buddy.

Since then, my girlfriend and I have migrated our belongings and are now sharing the house with my mother. It feels like a family again, which is bittersweet given the circumstances. We have three cats, which now, in turn, have a house to wander around in instead of a studio apartment, so it’s not all bad news. Having them around seems to be helping my mom cope with having her entire world turned upside down in the span of six months. Animals are, indeed, magnificent creatures.

I’ve been fairly busy with the mini-move and I have a few exams this week, but hopefully I’ll find a little time to get some much needed gaming therapy in.

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Week 2 of PlayStation’s 10th Anniversary Sale Discounts Even More Classics

We’re now in the 2nd week of PlayStation’s 10th Anniversary Sale, in which the company celebrates 10 years of the PlayStation Plus service by discounting various digital games throughout their console library.

Last week’s deals were pretty damn good, and this week seems to be no different. Let’s have a look!

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PSN Anniversary Sale Discounts TONS of Classics!

Just when I thought it was safe to put away my wallet, PlayStation goes and discounts a bunch of amazing classics during this week’s 10th Anniversary sale.

You can check out the full list of discounts right here, but I’ll highlight some of the best down below.

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This Week’s ‘Playstation Essentials’ Sale is Pretty Great


Although I grew up in the NES generation and have plenty of fond memories from the 8- and 16-bit eras, I spent most of my time gaming in my mid-to-late teens on the original Playstation. Games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Resident Evil connected with me at such an impressionable age, and this week Sony is discounting a laundry list of these Playstation essentials across the PS3, PS4, and Vita consoles.

And hot damn, is it a doozy.

All discounts are listed with the PSN Plus subscriber price in USD. If you’re not a PSN Plus subscriber, fear not; just expect to pay a little more.


Notable discounts on PS4 include:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Deluxe Edition – $14

The Deluxe Edition includes a neat batch of extras, like a bog unicorn mount (essentially a dead horse with a sword pierced through its face, acting as the magical “horn”), a throne fashioned out of a giant dragon skull, and a digital copy of the game’s phenomenal soundtrack. If you haven’t played through Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, and you’re actually in to these types of games, I highly recommend it. It’s a pretty stellar open-world RPG with plenty of character customization, both in terms of physical appearance and standard battle class types with differing play styles.

Don’t have a PS4? The PS3 version is also on sale for $10.00.

  • inFAMOUS: Second Son – $9.99

After wading through a sea of disappointing launch titles, Second Son was the first PS4 game to really hold my attention. It plays great, with new “hero” Delsin acting as a power sponge–absorbing the super powers of his enemies, rather than Cole’s sole affinity for electricity. This interesting mechanic allows you to play around with a series of awesome abilities, like absorbing neon signs to dash across the modern day landscape of Seattle, or using smoke to hurl fireballs. I enjoyed the game’s take on good and evil, and your actions not only alter the story, but Delsin’s abilities as well. It was one hell of a game at $60, and a complete steal at $9.99.

The game’s stand-alone DLC First Light takes place prior to the events of Second Son, and highlights one of the more interesting characters–the neon hurling Fetch. First Light is also on sale for $7.49 this week.

  • Metro Redux – $9.00

If you enjoy horror games, first-person shooters, or (hopefully) both, $9 nets you remasters of the criminally underrated Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The environments are haunting, the story is fairly interesting, and you could definitely do worse for the asking price.

  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat Out of Hell – $9.00

When aliens arrive to screw up your presidential term, it’s time to beat things with giant dildos and chew bubblegum.. and you’re all out of bubblegum. Actually, there’s an entire segment referencing They Live, which is even MORE of a reason for you to play this game. Saints Row IV already offered an absurd amount of content, but when you tack on all of the DLC missions and an entire stand-alone expansion, you’re looking at a pretty fucked up way to spend a couple of weeks.


The Playstation 3’s momentum is finally winding down, but there’s plenty to pick from this week.

  • Mass Effect Trilogy – $9.00

The Mass Effect trilogy may very well be my favorite games of the modern era. I’ve poured countless hours in to befriending unlikely allies, romancing aliens, and doing my damnedest to save Earth from total annihilation; and I’m sure I’ll play through them again before Andromeda hits later this year. If you’ve yet to experience this iconic space opera, now is a great time to start.

  • Demon’s Souls – $8.00

Before Bloodborne and Dark Souls, there was Demon’s Souls… and boy was it unforgiving. Chances are that if you’re a fan of the Souls games, you’ve already played this one, but if your first foray in to From Software’s punishing RPG design was Bloodborne, maybe it’s time to give yourself a history lesson.

  • Devil May Cry HD Collection – $6.00

Devil May Cry pioneered an entire genre of stylish hack-n-slash games, which was almost immediately tainted by the release of its less-than-stellar sequel. However, third time’s a charm, right? Devil May Cry 3 still stands among the best in the genre, and $6 for 2 great games and 1 steaming pile of pickled dog crap isn’t necessarily a bad deal.


In my opinion, Vita owners have the best selection of discounts this week–especially if you’re in to playing PSone Classics on the go.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc ($16) & Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair ($14)

Part Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, part Battle Royale or Lord of the Flies, Danganronpa is truly one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever played. In short, a group of overly talented students are trapped in a school that’s designed to prevent them from leaving. Your new sadistic and violent headmaster, a monochromatic teddy bear named Monokuma, gives you an ultimatum: live out the rest of your lives on campus, never seeing your family or friends again, or kill one of your fellow students and get away with murder. As the kids start dropping off, you’ll investigate the school’s grounds, build relationships, collect toys, and take part in a series of intense court trial mini-games in order to oust the killer and foil their attempt at freedom.

  • Persona 4 Golden – $9.00

Persona 4 is one of the single greatest RPGs of all time, and Golden somehow makes it better. If you own a Vita, but not Persona 4 Golden, it’s time to go ahead and fix that.

  • Freedom Wars – $6.00

If you somehow missed Freedom Wars while it was free to PSN Plus subscribers during the month of December, $6.00 is a great price to dive in. It’s a bit like Monster Hunter, but set in a weird sci-fi world reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. As a sinner, you’ll undertake a series of quests with your customized hero in order to reduce your jail sentence. Sounds uninteresting, but it works. The gameplay is engaging, addictive, and it’s just a great way to spend time on the go.

It’s worth noting that PSone Classics work on the PS3 as well, but I personally prefer to play them on my Vita instead. If you’d like to relive the O.G. Playstation’s glory days, a little over a dollar or two can net you some pretty great games, like Final Fantasy VII, Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, Wild Arms, Suikoden, Dino Crisis, Tomba!, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Chrono Trigger (albeit the absolute worst port available), Chrono Cross, and Breath of Fire IV. I have most of that in my cart right now for under $15, which feels like robbery.

For a full list of discounts, click this fine bit of text right here. There’s plenty more to choose from than what I listed above.

Picking anything up?

Today’s finds!

imageYou’ll have to excuse the poor quality, the camera on my phone kind of sucks. All of them are complete aside from Psychonauts. I was actually after a copy of Zack & Wiki for my roommate, but after seeing how awesome it looked we had to look for a second copy. Two hours and three Gamestops later, we finally found one that was complete. They even gave me the booklet for the Wii version of Punch-Out since my copy didn’t have one.


This Week in Gaming – CoD Ghosts announced, no Madden for Wii-U, MGS Legacy Collection too big for 360 & more!

In what I’d like to become a weekly column here at Cheap Boss Attack, This Week in Gaming will cap out the weekend rounding up some of the bigger stories to hit the press and how much I probably don’t care about them. So let’s cut the bullshit and dive in head first, shall we?


It seems that June 1st will be bad news bears for any of you PS2 collectors out there, as Kotaku published a rumor that gaming giant Gamestop will no longer be accepting PS2 games, consoles or accessories for trade-in by this date. This doesn’t rule out the selling of said games as they still carry used Gamecube titles, but will greatly dwindle their stock rotation. It’s always sad to see the end of an era and I have many a fond memory with the PS2, but there is always Amazon or eBay.

If you’re a hipster and want to ironically support one of the worst films of all time, the 90 minute crapfest Super Mario Bros staring Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo will be celebrating its 20th anniversary by coming back to the big screen, according to IGN. If you happen to be in the LA area, you can catch a rare screening of Super Mario Bros at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24.

If there is one thing the world needs, it’s another entry in the Call of Duty franchise! Made official on May 1st through the Call of Duty Facebook page, the newest entry will be entitled Ghosts and will release in North America on November 5th. I can already smell the Axe Body Spray, see the Tapout shirts and hear the everlasting racist comments on Xbox Live, can’t you?


In other news that I don’t give a shit about, Wii-U owners looking to get their NFL fix will have to look elsewhere as EA confirmed there will be no Madden football for Nintendo’s next-gen console in 2013. I guess they’ll just have to play it on one of those other consoles that actually know how to effectively work online gaming. Sorry, Nintendo.

In what seems to be a common trend in the fighting genre, NetherRealm announced earlier this week on Twitter that Batgirl will be the next DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us. This follows the announcement last week that Lobo will also hit the microtransaction market that everybody loves so much.

If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer excited to FINALLY get your hands on Metal Gear Solid 4 with the announcement of the new Legacy Collection, it’s time to go back to crying on forums. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima confirmed that it would take at least 7 DVDs for Metal Gear Solid 4 to play on the 360 and that’s just not going to happen. The Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection includes Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Metal Gear 1 and 2, Peace Walker and VR Missions.


If you frequent gaming websites Destructoid or Kotaku, you’re probably familiar with the Dragon’s Crown debacle over the Sorceress character design objectifying women. Apparently it’s not just fans throwing in their two cents, but fellow character designers as well. Destructoid reported earlier this week that Gearbox environmental artist Shaylyn Hamm is none too impressed with Vanillaware artist George Kamitani and feels their direction is only going to push women away from gaming. Perhaps Hamm hasn’t played a little Gearbox title called Duke Nukem Forever? Jim Sterling even points out that Gearbox’s Mad Moxxi could be put in the same light as the Sorceress, as they’re both top heavy. One could even use Borderlands 2 as an example, as Moxxi has quite the revealing photo set and prides herself on having numerous sexual partners. Don’t throw stones at glass houses, right?

Do you remember the mass amounts of hype and publicity Deadly Premonition received for the Xbox 360 back in 2010? Yeah, me either. It was basically a $20 budget survival horror title that failed to capture the hearts of more than a select few, but three years later we’re being treated to a Director’s Cut for the PS3. I remember reading the original review on Destructoid and witnessing the world crumble as Jim Sterling awarded it with a perfect 10/10. Even still, Sterling firmly stands by his original review and compares Deadly Premonition to watching two clowns eat each other, but this time he seems to notice a few flaws in the PS3 release. Interested yet? Check out his follow-up review here!

Well that about covers it for this week. I’ll try to keep this going every Sunday as it prevents me from having to spam your RSS feeds or reader apps with updates every 10 seconds. There was a lot going on this week with GTA V trailers going public and the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit, but these were either the more interesting tidbits or the easiest to make fun of. Hope you enjoyed it!