[REVIEW] A Rose in the Twilight

A Rose in the Twilight
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America
Available on: Vita (reviewed), PC
Price: $19.99

A Rose in the Twilight is a dejected and atmospheric fairy tale surrounding the unlikely pairing of a cursed girl and her stone giant companion, as they attempt to flee the castle in which she’s held captive. Its unique aesthetic and gameplay hook pair nicely with the game’s portrayal of blood as a life force, ultimately presenting a memorably gloomy tale that fans of the Brothers Grimm should no doubt enjoy.

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A Long Overdue Romp with a Great RPG, and Another with the Most Heartbreaking Game in the History of Gaming.


Hey guys, long time no post! I’ve been pretty busy writing for What’s Your Tag? lately and haven’t had much to update about over here, but I’ve recently played through a few games in my backlog that aren’t new enough to warrant reviews over there. Continue reading

REVIEW: Limbo – A strong argument for video games as an art form, or hipster indie garbage?


Played on: Xbox 360
Played for: About 4 or 5 hours to finish up the storyline and nab a few hidden eggs.

Limbo is the first game released by Danish developer Playdead and made its debut on the Xbox 360 back in July of 2010. It’s now three years later and I finally decided to pick up and play through a game that intrigues me every single time I browse the XBLA collection for something new.

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Papo & Yo Pre-order Discount on PSN for Plus Subscribers.

Upcoming fantasy platformer Papo & Yo is exclusive to PSN and Plus subscribers can pre-order now at $11.99. Retail price will be $14.99, so it’s about a 20% savings. Papo & Yo releases later this month on August 14th and is the video game debut of Montreal-based developer Minority.