CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft & Top 5 Game Reveals

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage finally concludes with our recap and impressions of Microsoft’s game-filled conference, where Phil Spencer and company revealed the newest addition to the Xbox family, the Xbox One X. That name is terrible.

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E3 2016: Microsoft Continues to Expand and Evolve Xbox & Xbox Live

It’s been an uphill battle for Microsoft ever since the Xbox One’s disastrous reveal a few years back, but Phil Spencer and company have done an incredible job righting the ship ever since. The Xbox One we see today is a mere shell of its former self, and if their E3 presentation is any indication, the Xbox family of consoles will continue to evolve throughout its entire lifespan.

My predictions:

  • Big Crackdown 3 gameplay demo showing off the campaign and multi-player
  • Lengthy Gears of War 4 gameplay demo as their marquee title to close the show.
  • Halo Wars 2 confirmed with beta starting… RIGHT NOW!
  • New cameo fighters for Killer Instinct. My guess is Marcus from Gears of War and Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark. Joanna seems like a no-brainer, and Marcus using his Lancer as both a ranged and melee weapon would be fairly interesting.
  • Xbox One Slim revealed, but no release date. I assume it’s this winter.
  • Scalebound will be absent, saving it for Gamescom instead.
  • Phantom Dust won’t be mentioned yet.
  • ReCore gameplay will be shown and it’ll look pretty rough. Probably a 3D arcade-style shooter at a $20 price tag. Release window given, but no concrete date.
  • Sea of Thieves live gameplay demo with release date. My guess is December with a beta later this summer.
  • Backwards compatibility for original Xbox games, or something similar to what PS2 classics on PS4 is — upscaled in 1080p, $10 each, and Achievement support.
  • Final Fantasy XIV finally coming to Xbox One.
  • Extended partnership with Oculus Rift to make Xbox One fully compatible as a VR device, though only with the inevitable upgraded Project Scorpio model. This will end Xbox’s push for HoloLens as its AR/VR device.
  • Project Scorpio will be vaguely discussed, “with more information coming next year.”

Phil Spencer began their presentation addressing the elephant in the room, saying a few heartfelt words about the tragedy in Orlando. He was understandably nervous, fumbling his words in the process (“tradegy” instead of tragedy, for instance), but nevertheless it was the right thing to do.

He was also wearing a t-shirt with the original Xbox logo, which lead me to believe my prediction of Xbox backwards compatibility would come to fruition. It didn’t.

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