CA! Radio E3 2017: Ubisoft

CA! Radio‚Äôs E3 coverage continues with our recap and impressions of the surprisingly emotional Ubisoft conference, which not only featured new IP and long-awaited sequels but depicted the company's reinvigorated artistic vision as they attempt to stave off a corporate takeover by Vivendi. Witnessing the creative director of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in tears... Continue Reading →


E3 2016: Ubisoft Talks Sequels, VR, and Brand New IP

The Ubisoft (correctly pronounced throughout the show as "ubi," as in "ubiquitous") conference began with an odd little dance routine to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," peppered in a bunch of F-bombs throughout the show, and ended their otherwise solid line-up of games with a new I.P. that didn't resonate with me in any way,... Continue Reading →

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