Holiday Horrors: Stories Untold

October is the perfect month to dive into some great horror games, be it playing them yourself or watching a Let’s Play from the comfort of your pillow fort. Halloween is all about the spookies, after all, and I wanted to draw attention to some of my favorite lesser-knowns in the genre to help spread … Continue reading Holiday Horrors: Stories Untold

[REVIEW] Ride the Narrative Rails of the ‘Subsurface Circular’

Subsurface Circular Developer: Mike Bithell Games (Switch port by Ant Workshop) Publisher: Mike Bithell Games Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch Release date: March 1, 2018 Price: $5.99 In a future where humans have turned to the development of robots to handle their workforce, Subsurface Circular takes places entirely aboard the titular subway system below the surface. … Continue reading [REVIEW] Ride the Narrative Rails of the ‘Subsurface Circular’