[REVIEW] Even With its Familiar Flaws, ‘Detroit: Become Human’ is Quantic Dream’s Best, Most Ambitious Game Yet

I mostly enjoyed Heavy Rain but loathed Beyond: Two Souls, so Quantic Dreams’ games have been hit or miss for me. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly excited to play Detroit. However, I found a copy for rent at a local Red Box kiosk and since I wasn’t in the middle of anything else (having … Continue reading [REVIEW] Even With its Familiar Flaws, ‘Detroit: Become Human’ is Quantic Dream’s Best, Most Ambitious Game Yet

[REVIEW] Titanfall 2’s Campaign is Glorious

Titanfall 2 Developer: Respawn Entertainment Publisher: EA Release date: October 28, 2016 Available on: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC (via Origin) Although the original Titanfall made waves as one of the biggest Xbox One exclusives in 2014, the lack of a campaign was super depressing. I fell in love with the beta, intrigued by its … Continue reading [REVIEW] Titanfall 2’s Campaign is Glorious

REVIEW: Street Fighter V – A Shadow Falls DLC

When Street Fighter V released with a bare minimal amount of content, casual fans took to the internet and ripped Capcom's newest entry in their legendary fighting series to shreds. I'm not here to participate in said shredding, nor am I here to defend it, but rather focus on the game's newly added story DLC, … Continue reading REVIEW: Street Fighter V – A Shadow Falls DLC

REVIEW: Gone Home

If you're an adult and you've ever lived on your own before, you probably know that feeling you get when you come back to visit your family and see that life has moved along without you. Your siblings have grown up, your parents' relationship may be different, or maybe things just aren't how you remember them. I moved … Continue reading REVIEW: Gone Home

REVIEW – Tomb Raider (PS3/Xbox 360)

Version played: PS3 Played for: 12 hours, finishing the campaign at 79% collectables. No multiplayer. With many of the official gaming sites and bloggers setting up their Game of the Year 2013 lists, one game seemed to be on their lists that I still had yet to play through until recently - the reboot of … Continue reading REVIEW – Tomb Raider (PS3/Xbox 360)


This review was initially posted back in 2010 on my old gaming blog, Kungaloosh. Since I’ve decided to close it down, I wanted to go back and pull off what few reviews I had up and re-post them here at Cheap Boss Attack so they weren’t lost forever in the abyss of the internet. Played … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW – DANTE’S INFERNO