Four in February is Complete!

Last week I began the Four in February challenge, which tasks the gaming community with choosing four games from their backlog and completing them before the end of the month.

I chose the adventure series Life is Strange and its three-episode prequel, Before the Storm, along with the horror puzzler Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut and action RPG Moon Hunters. I ended up grabbing Celeste for the Switch before diving into Moon Hunters, though, and just rolled the credits on Matt Makes Games’ wonderful platformer last night.

That being said, my Four in February quest has been completed, turned in for XP, and I’ve been rewarded with useless junk that I plan on disenchanting for crafting materials.

How is your progress going?

12 thoughts on “Four in February is Complete!

  1. Congrats man! This month I’ve been surprisingly busier, so I haven’t been able to play as much as normal. But I worked my way through The Stern Pinball Collection, and Super Mario Odyssey this month. I’ve managed to get in some more time with Splatoon 2 here, and there as well. Which is good with an upcoming Splatfest, and more free DLC updates to get used to. But I have half the month to go, so I may get through two more titles yet. Which I hope to.

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  2. Wow, yeah, I uh, have definitely not beaten any games yet this month. I haven’t even had a chance to bust out the new game I got on Friday. My time will come, though. It’s cool that you finished the challenge already! Maybe you can even knock out four more, if your backlog is large enough.

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  3. You always kick ass at this kind of stuff :D I have completely NOTHING hehe. I’m debating giving up on Etrian Odyssey, since I haven’t played in weeks, and I’m really kind of annoyed that you stop leveling after 70, but I do like the other mechanics of the game so much. If it was for watching LPs, I’d totally win every time hehe. So far this year I’ve finished one game that I started last: Mario Odyssey.

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    1. Quality over quantity, though!

      It’s important to know when it’s time to let a game go. There are things I’d love to finish that I started months or years ago, because I HATE leaving things incomplete, but I know there are other things I’d rather do right now.

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      1. It like carrying a burden. I wonder if it’s part of anxiety tbh, because it’s like I feel like I HAVE to do it, and I have to talk myself out of it. Like I feel like I’m a failure if I don’t finish a game I started that I’ve lost interest in, but I’m learning to let it go.


        1. It’s definitely anxiety, and probably a little bit of having to do with struggling with your self-worth. “What, I’m not good enough to finish this?” kinda thing, which is laaaaame and I totally feel that way sometimes.

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