It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

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Horror Series ‘Amnesia’ Finally Coming to Consoles on PS4

Amnesia, a series of horror games that released exclusively on PC, are finally making their way to home consoles in the Amnesia: Collection on November 22nd.
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NX is Officially the Nintendo Switch. Thoughts?

It appears all of the rumors for the NX were true, as the hybrid home console-slash-portable handheld was officially unveiled today as the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s upcoming play-anywhere device seems all set to release in March 2017. Continue reading


Let’s Discuss the World of Final Fantasy Demo, Shall We?

Set to release on October 25th for the PlayStation 4 and Vita handheld, World of Final Fantasy saw its first playable demo on both consoles earlier today (EDIT: The Vita version doesn’t actually release until Friday. Sorry!). Without focusing on any form of storytelling, the “dungeon demo” instead walks the player through the game’s various particulars, like combat, stacking, Champions, and so forth.

I just spent about an hour or so with the PlayStation 4 version, so let me tell you a little bit about my adventure! Continue reading


REVIEW: Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment
Available on: PS4 (reviewed), Vita
Price: $49.99 (PS4), $39.99 (Vita)

When four rival all-female shinobi clans appear together in a parallel dimension, they understandably have more questions than answers. They were just magically swept away from their predictable, seemingly dull lives and summoned by the high priestess of the Kagura Millenium Festival in order battle each other for the title of Kagura, so their concerns aren’t exactly unwarranted. Continue reading


It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

EDIT: My brain has been so frazzled lately that I literally wrote this post thinking it was Friday the 13th. Not Thursday. Ah well, you get it a day early. I’m dumb.

With the weekend officially upon us, feel free to share your gaming plans down in the comments! Continue reading

CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon — Counter Attack Games!

*ReBlog: I joined up with CA! Radio’s Chuck Zodl to discuss our favorite Xbox One & PS4 console exclusives, those that disappointed, and his newfound love of Lovecraft.

CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon (10/03/2016) ♪This week the new CA! duo gather round the mics to discuss games inspired by Lovecraft and the best racer of this generation.♪ Download & iTunes

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