Netflix’s New Castlevania Series Looks Promising

The official Netflix Twitter account premiered a new trailer for their upcoming animated series based on the Castlevania franchise, which launches on July 7th. It certainly treads familiar territory, which is in no way a bad thing as a fan of the series. When the project was initially announced I had my fair share of concerns, but the debut trailer (dubbed Vengeance) looks rather promising.


CA! Radio Episode 126: Injustice of Predicting

This week, Chuck and I give our thoughts on the newly released DC fighter Injustice 2, Omar fills us in on the joys of PC exclusive Stellaris, and we take turns giving our E3 2017 predictions for each of the three major consoles.

Episode 126 is, in my opinion, our best work with the new hosting line-up. We’re working things out behind the scenes to narrow the length down to around two hours, while still fitting in meaningful conversations concerning our current gaming experiences and newsworthy talking points. Most of this is Chuck’s doing, as he records and edits in his spare time, and we couldn’t do it without him.

As always, thanks for listening and sharing (to those of you that do)!

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IRL: Two New Additions

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, no, my girlfriend and I did not have kids! I just did the 35-year-old adult thing and had a great date night that ended in getting my right eyebrow double-pierced.


That makes nine in the face, for those of you keeping score. I’m hoping to focus on tattoos next since I only have two and I’m running out of face to shove metal through, but there’s still one or two more things I’d like done (my bridge and one in the opposite eyebrow).

Sorry for the non-game related post today. Just thought I’d share a snapshot of my swollen eyebrow with the blogging fam.

CA! Radio Episode 125: Tales of the Open World

This week, Chuck, Omar, and I discuss the good and bad of open-world game design, disagree on just about everything, briefly touch on Cosmic Star Heroine, read Paul Novak’s letter to Omar concerning Mass Effect: Andromeda, and I defend Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s excellence against Chuck’s wrong opinion of it being trash.

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[REVIEW] Cosmic Star Heroine

Cosmic Star Heroine
Developer: Zeboyd Games
Publisher: Zeboyd Games
Available on: PS4 (reviewed), PC
Price: $14.99 USD

Many of the summer months throughout my middle and high school years were spent fully immersed in the stories of various SNES, Genesis, and PSone role-playing games, like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. Without the stress of school, I could stay up late, remove myself from the worries and struggles of teenage life, and get lost in world-spanning adventures for a while.

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