#KafkaLuckReacts – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Announcement


Our new web series, Kafka Luck Reacts, is pretty amazing and we’re damn proud of it.

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Remember that time our ol pal Kafka Luck died? Or what about this one? Well, he’s back and he’s ready to share his reactions with the world. We’re beyond pumped to announce our newest video series #KafkaLuckReacts. These aren’t like any reaction videos you’ve ever seen before…

Be very careful when selecting a snack biscuit. The consequences could be dire…

Hopefully you folks enjoyed our take on the reaction video. In the traditional What’s Your Tag? fashion, it’s really anything like you’d expect it to be. Look forward to more #KafkaLuckReacts in the very near future!

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Club Deadtendo


A shorty but a goody this week.

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Club Deadtendo

In a very short period of time, the beloved loyalty program Club Nintendo will be shutting its doors forever… We’re trying to process this information the best we possibly can, but news like this is always hard to swallow. Thankfully Nintendo has confirmed that a new and hopefully more modern sounding loyalty program will be taking its place. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the treasures this program has provided.

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First update of 2015 knocks the cobwebs off my REVIEWS page


With this blog being largely forgotten about (sorry!), I’ve decided to approach it as more of a personal thing. I’ve gone ahead and updated my REVIEWS page to list every single review I’ve written over the last year at What’s Your Tag?, mainly as a portfolio of sorts, I suppose. They’re all listed from newest to oldest, and largely consist of reviews done at the request of the game’s developer or publisher.

Over the last 6 months or so, I was given a game console by OUYA to play and review their games. I’ve really, really enjoyed it, so there’s plenty of OUYA reviews on that list; and a ton of great games that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

I’m going to make it a point to keep my review list updated as I write them. Since I know old reviews really don’t draw a crowd, let’s just count the update as a small step in the right direction for knocking the cobwebs off of my personal blog.

You can check out the update list right here, and if you have any questions about any of the games, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

Meltdown Review


My review of the cross-platform twin-stick RPG-ish shooter Meltdown is up at What’s Your Tag? Give her a look!

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In Meltdown, you assume the role of Zed, a former marine working alone on a private mining station located on Charon, one of Pluto’s moons. When the AI controlling the station goes haywire he is trapped and must find his way to safety. Or at least that’s what the game’s website says. In a very NES-era method of storytelling, nothing exists outside of that bit of written text, and somehow that ends up working out just fine.

Meltdown is a top-down isometric twin-stick shooter for up to four players, either co-op or competitively. It’s full of randomly generated levels, a high energy electronica soundtrack, and vividly colored spacey settings that do tend to get a bit on the repetitive side, but it’s still visually charming. You can play locally in an Arcade mode, the more grind-focused online mode, or even a dedicated PVP mode, but the beauty of…

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The Best Games of 2014 Awards!


Check out our Best Games of 2104 awards at What’s Your Tag? =)

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Another year, another massive list of games to pile under our belts. In a desperate attempt to keep up with modern day cliches in video game journalism, we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the best games of 2014.

Each of the Bros from What’s Your Tag? will be choosing one game to represent the best of the best for the categories listed below. Don’t bother listening to those “other guys.” These are the games worth checking out from last year.


Miles – Sunset Overdrive

I absolutely loved this game, but for some reason I couldn’t play it for more than an hour at a time. I think it was just a sensory overload. There was always so much happening all the time. It was like trying to rock a sick combo in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater while trying to aim and shoot hordes of ridiculous mutants. No…

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Diablo 3 on Xbox One is 1080p Because Microsoft Insisted? Not According to Phil Spencer.

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The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo 3 officially launched for consoles a couple of days ago, and there was a bit of concern about the Xbox One‘s choppier framerate due to the game being pushed to 1080p resolution at the insistence of Microsoft.

According to Blizzard‘s production director John Hight, they had planned to release the game for the Xbox One at 900p, which is what they were showing at E3 2014, until Microsoft deemed the resolution “unacceptable” and insisted it be pushed up to 1080p.

We did have 1080p, but we were finding it challenging to keep our frame-rate,” Hight explained during an interview with Eurogamer. “Because Diablo’s so much of an action game, we wanted to have a responsive feel – especially with four players.

When you get four witch doctors in a room full of demons…

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Shovel Knight Review

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shovelknight_logo_transparentMega Man and Castlevania are arguably two of the best gaming franchises of all time. Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games takes everything you love about these two famous universes, adds some original flair, and digs a special place into your heart.

Shovel Knight was officially announced alongside its kickstarter campaign way back in March of 2013. It quickly blew past the original goal of $75,000 and ended up bringing in over $300,000 from eager fans. Many people, myself included, were immediately sold on the concept and couldn’t wait to get playing. The studio originally scheduled the game’s release for September of 2013, but unfortunately several delays ended up pushing the launch date back to June 26th, 2014. Delays are always disappointing, but in the case of this remarkable retro platformer, the anticipation only made my time with the game that much sweeter.


In a time long ago, brave warriors wandered the…

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