PlayStation’s First PS Plus Lineup Since the Price Hike is Pretty Damn Good.

Now that the cost of PlayStation Plus is up to $60 USD per year, it’s safe to assume that we’re all hoping for a more reliable, improved online experience, along with a higher quality of incentive titles offered month to month.

October is also synonymous with Halloween, so my fingers were crossed for some sort of horror tie-in. It looks like my superstitions were answered.

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Early Impressions of ReCore Leave Me Conflicted

I’m a bit late to the party, but I picked up a used copy of ReCore today on Xbox One to check it out for myself after its lukewarm reception upon release. I know I’ve mentioned this a hundred times before, but I absolutely adored the Metroid Prime series on GameCube, along with most of Keiji Inafune’s earlier work.

The concept of both developers joining forces to create ReCore is more than enough reason to at least give it a shot, though I’ll admit I was concerned going in about the game’s repetitive nature and poor performance issues.

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CA! Radio Episode 113: Sonys Pro a no-go?

I hooked up (not in that way, pervert) with Chuck Zodl at CA! Radio for a podcast on the pros and cons of the PS4 Pro. Oh, and Chuck talked about tabletop stuff. Nerd.

Counter Attack Games!

CA! Radio Episode 113: Sony’s Pro a no-go? (09/12/2016)
♪This week Brad and Chuck get together to talk tabletop, vidjagames and all of the negatives and positives of Sony’s newest console.♪ Download & iTunes

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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

After a busy week at school, due to an exam, a term paper, and the start of a new accelerated class, I’m definitely ready to unwind with a good game or two. I just don’t know which one.

What are you folks getting in to this weekend?

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REVIEW: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
Developed by: Cornfox & Bros.
Publisher: FDG Entertainment
Available on: Xbox One (reviewed), PlayStation 4
Price: $14.99

Over the years, many games have attempted to capture the magic of Nintendo’s beloved Zelda series. However, there’s a fine line between using these inspirations to craft something that still has some form of individuality, and blatantly cloning it in hopes of finding an audience.

While Cornfox & Bros.’ Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is somewhat enjoyable to play, I spent most of my adventure wondering if it’d ever step away from its formulaic approach to The Legend of Zelda and eventually become its own game. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

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Xbox Games With Gold for October Confirmed


With more than a week to go in the month of September, the folks at Xbox are getting an early start by confirming the official Games With Gold lineup for October.

As always, Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One will receive four games, due to both Xbox 360 titles supporting backwards compatibility.

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Official Launch Trailer: Never Fight Alone in Gears of War 4

25 years after Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad made the world a safer place, The Swarm has arrived to put an end to these better times. Stepping in to his father’s colossal shoes, Marcus’s son JD, along with his friends Del and Kait, take the fight to the big uglies not in hopes of bringing peace back to the world, but simply to survive another day.

Today’s premier of the official Gears of War 4 launch trailer features a pretty fantastic cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” performed by Lissie. With survival being the name of the game, and the world seemingly in ruins, I couldn’t think of a more perfect song to accompany the action.

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