It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let's talk! I finished up Night in the Woods on the Switch last night, which is a 2D adventure game that plays out like those between-mission segments in Mass Effect 2 where you run around the Normandy and talk with all of your squadmates. Featuring an entire cast of bipedal animals, it... Continue Reading →


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: A Dark, Uneven Spin-off

This article is a part of Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium, which is a collaboration that features Final Fantasy-related articles written by a plethora of amazing people across the blogosphere. I'm in great company and quite proud of what everyone has created. Please click the link above to access to the official hub and give... Continue Reading →

Celeste Was a Rewarding Journey Through My Own Mental Health Struggles

Matt Makes Games' 2D platformer Celeste stars Madeline, a girl who arrives at Celeste Mountain and plans to climb all the way to the summit. The only thing getting in the way isn't the harsh weather or required stamina, but herself. Madeline doesn't just want to climb Celeste; she needs to. She uses the experience... Continue Reading →

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