The Last Story – Unboxing

The Last Story is probably the last “good” game to hit the Wii before Nintendo’s release of the Wii U this holiday season. It was also one of the three titles petitioned by fans in the infamous Operation Rainfall, along with Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower, pleading for Nintendo to localize their releases. Nintendo listened and released Xenoblade Chronicles earlier this year but The Last Story has been plagued with delay after delay.

Today is the day when XSEED’s The Last Story finally hit store shelves here in North America, and man, what a bang up job they did with the presentation. I honestly haven’t seen a non-limited edition game packaged this good since the Lunar series was released on the PSone.

First off, the case itself is thick cardboard with a textured cover and amazing artwork. It’s shaped like a book with one side etched as pages. Inside of the book-like case is the art book, filled with some really great concept art and character models, and the actual white Wii game case for The Last Story. The soundtrack is included but is separate from the case itself and comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Opening up the book-style case reveals the art book, which sits atop the actual case for The Last Story. Ignore the wrapper still in my grubby hand. Oh, and ignore that I own Duke Nukem Forever.

I’ve been waiting a bit for The Last Story and can’t wait to dive in. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews but other gamers opinions don’t really drive me away from a game, especially an RPG where every player is going to have their own standards by which a game is “good”. If anything, Nobuo Uematsu handling the soundtrack will give me more than enough reason to play through it.

I wanted to get a close up of the textured cover art since it’s pretty fantastic. I’m so happy they went with a traditional Japanese cover instead of flushing it with action shots and color saturation. It looks super classy and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Thanks for checking out my un-boxing photos and stay tuned for a full review once I complete The Last Story for the Nintendo Wii!

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