Raven Lord mount acquired! *Mega Man music*

WoWScrnShot_100113_023637I wish I had some over-dramatic story about how I’ve farmed this mount for years, but I didn’t really start going for it every day until last week.

I actually started to lay down to go to bed after being extremely disappointed by Lords of Salem and pleasantly surprised by V/H/S 2, but thought “OH NOES! I never did my mount/heroic Mana Tomb robe run before the reset!“.

I jumped out of bed, ported over to Shattrath, flew over to Auchindon and meant to zone in to Mana Tombs for the transmog robe that seems to be non-existant, but zoned in to Sethekk Halls by mistake. Eh, it’s whatever, so I popped Astral Communion for super awesome Broly-powered Moonfires, killed Anzu and was surprised to see it sitting on his corpse. All purps and stuff.

Apparently I act like a schoolgirl when I get excited, at least according to my girlfriend. And the two Facebook posts I felt the need to make at 3am that basically consisted of “SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M A BIRD ON A BIRD WITH A BIRD PET!”. Yep. That’s me.


6 thoughts on “Raven Lord mount acquired! *Mega Man music*

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    1. I would love the A’lar mount if Kael’thas was solo’able. Every now and then I can wrangle a few people up to go in with me, but the odds of it dropping combined with my complete shit /roll luck in winning it.. I might as well farm something else lol.


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