Weekend Gaming: What are You Playing?


It’s Friday, Friday. And you gotta get down on Friday. Wait, is that still at thing?

This weekend will be a bit unusual for me, but I want to clarify that it’s not an attempt to make a poor April Fools joke. Why? Because I’ll be spending most of my weekend playing sports games.

If you missed Wednesday’s post, I partook in my annual ritual of buying MLB The Show’s newest iteration on PS4. I was already having a blast playing through my first season with the Baltimore Orioles, but last night I dove in to Diamond Dynasty and I’m not sure when I’ll come up for air. It’s essentially MLB RPG, which is pretty much what I imagine heaven is like.

Playing the game earns you an in-game currency called stubs. These stubs can then be used to buy packs of baseball cards, which contain position players, pitchers, pieces of gear, new stadiums, sponsorship deals, and stat-boosting consumables (like sunflower seeds). You then use the cards to assemble your own baseball team, battling against friends or the CPU to unlock additional cards. As of this post, my self-made Alaska Donkeys are rank 78 of 99.

I also just subscribed to EA Access for a year, which was only $30. I saw on Twitter that they just added NHL 16 to The Vault, and I’ve always loved hockey… just not EA’s version. I was an NHL2K diehard back on the Dreamcast and original Xbox, which I still consider to be the best hockey series of all time. Now that that’s long gone, I figured it was time to tuck my tail between my legs and give EA’s NHL another chance.

The Vault includes most of EA’s sports games, so I downloaded Madden 16, FIFA 15, NBA Live 15, and last year’s UFC as well. I tried FIFA 14 when the Xbox One launched and just couldn’t get in to it, but it’s in The Vault. Fuck it, right?

I genuinely enjoy watching sports, but I rarely play anything outside of MLB The Show every year. This is definitely a change of pace and something drastically outside of my comfort zone.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?


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