CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon — Counter Attack Games!

*ReBlog: I joined up with CA! Radio’s Chuck Zodl to discuss our favorite Xbox One & PS4 console exclusives, those that disappointed, and his newfound love of Lovecraft.

CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon (10/03/2016) ♪This week the new CA! duo gather round the mics to discuss games inspired by Lovecraft and the best racer of this generation.♪ Download & iTunes

via CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon — Counter Attack Games!

11 thoughts on “CA! Radio Episode 114: The Ancients of the Horizon — Counter Attack Games!

        1. Yeah, like I said in the podcast, that list could be different on any given day. It’s hard to remember every game I’ve ever played, let alone work them in to a list.

          I was actually working on a list for the site to go over in the next podcast, but it’s so hard to narrow it down once I hit #5 or 6.

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          1. All I’ve done is made a list of all the games I could consider my favorite. I need to try to order them somehow. I’m also not even certain if I have all of the contenders since my memory is terrible. I’ve been playing games the majority of the my life so there’s a lot of them rattling around up there.


            1. There’s that and the issue of “well do I love this one because of nostalgia?”, because I’ve put over 100 hours in to Xenogears and LOVED it, but haven’t played it since launch. If I played it now, would it still be one of my favorites? Or is that just how we remember things?

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              1. Yuuuup so true. The nostalgia aspect is a major factor, but then some games are just great, timeless masterpieces. Going back to old games and replaying them later is a nice way to see how your insights have changed. I haven’t played FFVII in years, but I think about it ever day, write about it all the time (every day if you consider my fanfiction), and discuss it more than my friends’ sanity can take (which is why: blog). As a huge fan I’m well aware of its foibles and issues, but love it anyway. If you went back to Xenogears I think you’d fall back into that nostalgic state, which might mean it would be hard to be objective. Lord knows it’s really hard for me to be objective about the Final Fantasies, Legend of Zelda, or older Mario games. Nearly everyone hates SMB2, but it’s my favorite…possibly for the nostalgia reasons we’re talking about. It was different from the other ones and I liked that.

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                1. Mario 2 is my favorite as well! (not sure if I mentioned this in my original comment, since I can’t see it from WP’s reply thingy).

                  I definitely plan on revisiting Xenogears and I have a plethora of PS1 classic RPGs on my Vita for a rainy day.

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                  1. I think you mentioned that in the podcast! Both you and your buddy were extolling the virtues of Mario 3, which I completely agree is the perfect game. SMB2 may be my favorite, but I think SMB3 is probably the best. It’s super late and I’m kind of tired, but I can’t find any fault or flaws with the game. 10/10 would play again.

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